1.  Great side by side comparison – Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama… if the Obama campaign really wants to attack her for “lack of experience” – don’t go there or do because it will be good for the McCain/Palin ticket and make them look very foolish.

HT: Hugh Hewitt

Here’s another comparison you can look at.

2.  Obama needs to come clean about prior relationships and the MSM needs to stop giving him a pass on his past.

HT: Say Anything Blog

3.  If you read conservative blogs you’ve likely already heard this.  This is the former Democratic National Chairman, Don Fowler and Congressman John Spratt of South Carolina on a flight from Denver, CO. to Charlotte, NC.  Apparently they both enjoyed making fun of Governor Sarah Palin, but what’s worse was what they had to say about Hurricane Gustav with it’s likely landfall in the New Orleans area on Monday when the RNC was set to begin.  They thought it was funny, and that it must mean God is on their side.  Don’t take my word for it though – listen for yourself.

Source: RedState

Read his non-apology apology here.

 4.  Biden on Palin: “She’s good looking.”   Hey that’s really classy of you Joe!

TOLEDO, OH – Joe Biden is already conceding one thing to Sarah Palin.

“Well there’s obvious differences,” he joked during a roundtable discussion on the economy this afternoon. “She’s good looking.”

Biden was trying to make a serious point about the different perspective he said each ticket has on the economy, but the crowd began to chuckle when he said there was a “gigantic” difference between Barack Obama and John McCain and himself and “my vice presidential opponent.” After complimenting Palin’s looks, someone in the crowd shouted back that Biden was “gorgeous.”

“Oh, I tell you what! Would you make sure Jill hears that?” he replied. “I haven’t heard that in a long, long, long time.”

HT: Brothers Judd Blog

5.  Also there is a scandal being reported by the left in the blogosphere… such news of immense proportions.  Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is a… Christian (gasp!), and is linked with other Christians (oh no!).  You can read of other leftist hypocrisy here (content warning).

6.  Doug Giles – A Conservative Christian columnist who endorses Obama – no not really, and he gives several  reasons why he wouldn’t.

7.  Tony the Tiger evidently is a Democrat.

8.  With Hurricane Gustav looking like it will make landfall somewhere in Louisiana, I am glad to see that Governor Bobby Jindal is up to speed with preparations that are needed.

9.  The Denver Police did not look good during the Democratic National Convention.  First was an arrest of an ABC News Reporter was arrested for not stopping videoing on a public sidewalk (ummm… freedom of the press?) he was was pushed into the street.  Then apparently two teenage girls posed such a threat by writing pro-life slogans on a public sidewalk with chalk.  One was lifted by her arms after being handcuffed … see the video below.

Evidently the girls were part of a pro-life student group called Survivors.  They had permission to do this.  Why were they arrested?  I appreciate the work that the majority of police officers do, and always do my best to obey my governing authorities, (Romans 13:2).  This seems out of bounds to me and out of place in the United States.

10.  This made me laugh out loud.  For something completely meaningless.

HT: Monday Morning Insight

11.  Take the Church and Politics Quiz.  HT: Out of Ur

12.  Seven qualities that Perry Noble believes a leader should have – Part I and Part II.

13.  Edward Gilbreath, director of editorial for Urban Ministries, In and Editor-at-large for Christianity today asks, “Is Obama the fulfillment of the ‘Dream’“?

14.  Advancing the Christian Tradition – Steve Brown Interviews Dr. John H. Armstrong of ACT 3.  You can download the podcast here (right click and choose “save as”).

15.  John Piper on Abortion:

HT: Two Institutions

16.  Ben Witherington discusses how to relate the Old Testament and New Testament Thought Worlds.

17.  Tex at Mere Orthodoxy wrote an interesting post on Evangelical Americans and Israel’s future.

18.  There’s an intellectual crisis in the Church, and C. Michael Patton exhorts us that we need to change that.

19.  Cadre Comments on the pre-natal genocide of Down Syndrome babies

20.  Richard John Neuhaus on how the public square became naked.


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