This RNC ad is pretty eye-opening, and I am interested to see how the Obama campaign will dispute it.  In the debates and elsewhere Obama said that if you made less than $250,000 he will not raise your taxes.  Yet just recently Barack Obama said $200,000 and then just three days ago Joe Biden said $150,000.

This doesn’t surprise me with the spending plan that they have because I don’t see how they could not not raise taxes.

Video HT: The Corner

This is definite change that we can expect from an Obama administration unless they cut back on their spending priorities.  Who knows if they won’t change it again?  Just 10 days ago it was $250,000 and now the threshold has been dropped to $150,000.  Wasn’t this a campaign promise?  Yet here he is changing it right before the election.

I’m trying to think of the last time a President was elected promising to raise our taxes.  Well some of us may get what we asked for if he is elected.

Update 6:24p:  Governor Bill Richardson today in a radio interview put the income level at $120 K.  I wonder what it will be by election day.  It’s falling like a rock.  Radio interview highlight below.

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