AKA Joe the Plummer, yep  Sam Joe Wurzelbacher, who disagreed with Senator Obama’s tax policies as one who was going to purchase a plumbing business is now Joe the Victim.  He didn’t ask for the notoriety, and he didn’t ask to get mentioned during the debates.  If you missed his dialogue with Senator Obama, watch below.

The New Editor lists different ways that he is being attacked from the left.

The Toledo Blade is reporting he isn’t licensed, can someone tell me how this diminishes his question?  Evidently, under Ohio law, he doesn’t need one.

Bloomberg reported that he has a tax lien against him.  Again all this because he was caught on tape challenge Obama?  How does that diminish the question and the critique?  Daily Kos wanted to list his address as well.

Democratic Underground is going wild.  Andrew Sullivan is saying he’s not a plumber, and oh yes that his first name is Sam.  His middle name is Joe.  That really changes how Obama’s tax polices impacts people.

Then apparently he’s now being targeted to have his livelihood away.

All this because he asked Senator Obama a tough question.  I’m not saying the guy’s an angel, but this is ridiculous.  Do you think he would have thought twice if he knew all this was going to be unleashed on him?  Of course the Obama campaign is above the fray.  Why should they say anything when it is being done for them?

Update: Senator McCain issues a statement defending Joe the Plummer.

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