What concerns me most is that they were chanting “Alpha, Omega” when they entered the room.  Folks there is one “Alpha and Omega” and it isn’t Senator Barack Obama, (Revelation 1:8).


When the young men were chanting… “Because of Obama…” and then they listed what they aspired to be I can understand.  I’m sure Obama’s rise has inspired many young African-American men to achieve their dreams.  That I think is a good thing.  His nomination is historic, and having him as a role model for achievement (not necessarily beliefs/policies) is positive.

What concerns me is the seeming elevation to godlike status.  Barack Obama is not the Messiah.  He will not “save” our nation.  Politicians disappoint.  Political parties disappoint.  They are not who we should put our hope in.  Hope can be found in Jesus alone.

Video HT: Matt Reisetter

Update: A Kansas City, MO middle school teacher was suspended for this video.

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