Hey I would like to introduce a new CT contributor, my friend Bryan Fatka, to Caffeinated Thoughts.

Bryan is a 1997 graduate from Simpson College in Indianola with a degree in criminal justice.  He is currently the “Director” of the Journey, network of house churches that meet in the Des Moines Metro area.  Prior to that Bryan was the youth pastor at Adventure Life Reformed Church in Altoona, IA.   Bryan describes himself:

“I’m actively seeking to find “The Way” that Jesus talked about. I haven’t been able to find it in the religion and structure of modern Christianity, and the church seems more intent on helping themselves than being the servants that Jesus called us to be. I want to follow Him, and I want to seek and find the better life that He promised. I want to be a force of change for the world that will point all glory and honor to my savior, and I want to walk so closely with Him that I can’t move unless He tells me to. I want to have a rich, full, friend-filled life that shows people what it means to really live the life of Love. I yearn and long for the authentic Jesus to be put on display, and all the religious “crap” to be stripped away so that the world will truly understand who He was and is.”

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