I listened to some excerpts of a radio interview that Senator Barack Obama did back in 2001 regarding wealth redistribution at Matt Reisetter’s blog.  It’s a little over four minutes long.  Take a listen below.

We can draw a couple of things from this:

1.  Senator Obama, at least at in 2001, believed that wealth redistribution was feasible and acceptable.  The conversation wasn’t about whether they should redistribute wealth, but how to do it.

2.  No longer can his supporters say that those on the right are fabricating this.  These are his own words.  You know the same person who said that words do matter.  This is not just a short soundbite were he was “victimized” and “baited” by the wily Joe the Plumer, this is a segment of a radio interview.

Well, he wants to redistribute wealth.  Here’s further proof.

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