1.  Michelle Steen at The City Gate says that due to an imbalance of how the media is covering this presidential race you have to be your own sleuth.

2.  Obama’s record on driver’s licenses for illegals.  Why is it that some people think people who come hear illegally should not face any consequences?

3.  What does it mean to contend for the faith?  Roger Mugs’ thoughts on Jude 3.

4.  Conservatives for Change – you know you can find people to play conservatives in a documentary.  True conservatives couldn’t stomach voting for Obama unless they are terribly confused.  If they don’t want to vote for McCain voting third party or not voting would be acting on their convictions – this is acting in a contrary manner.

HT: Southern Appeal

5.  Amanda Carpenter reports MSNBC has an election protection project:

When asked for comment about ACORN’s role in the project MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines wrote Townhall in an email “this a question for them, not us.”

Most of the groups MSNBC wants their viewers to contact and shape their news coverage on Election Day have extreme liberal agendas ranging that focus on variety of issues including housing, gay rights, amnesty, environmental policies and labor.

The National Council of La Raza, U.S. Pirg, NAACP, the Human Rights Campaign, the National Gay and Lesbian Law Association, Sierra Club and the Service Employees International Union are among Election Protection’s many partners.

ACORN is not listed as a partner on the Election Protection’s main website, but is listed as a partner on a promotional flyer that is available on the website.

These groups actively lobby Congress to support liberal policies. Most of them are openly supporting Barack Obama and other Democrats in the November elections.

Election Protection claims to be non-partisan. None of their listed partner groups, however, lean conservative.

Melissa Clouthier asks, “Who will ensure ‘election protection’ from MSNBC?

6.  Voter Quiz

You Should Be Allowed to Vote
You got 15/15 questions correct.
Generally speaking, you’re very well informed.

If you vote this election, you’ll know exactly who (and what) you’ll be voting for.
You’re likely to have strong opinions, and you have the facts to back them up.

HT: Kansas Bob

7.  Randy Alcorn explains he isn’t voting for a man, he’s voting for generations of children and their right to live.

So, is the candidate’s stand on the issue of shedding innocent blood important enough to disqualify him as a candidate? Yes. While a single issue can’t qualify a candidate, it can disqualify him. In my opinion, this issue clearly disqualifies Barack Obama, just as it disqualified Republican Rudy Giuliani.

I don’t think someone is a good candidate just because he is prolife. But he cannot be a good candidate unless he is prolife. Personally, if he is committed to legalized child-killing, as a matter of conscience I must vote against him.

Great perspective!

8.  Deadly Viper has a blog series going on this week called Popularity Prostitutes:

9.  You’ve heard of mystery shoppers, but what about mystery worshippersSam Rainer shares his thoughts on this trend.

The meticulousness of a professional worship inspector can be beneficial, but the story of an unchurched person from the community is much more valuable. So if you’re a church leader considering hiring a professional worshipper, get to know a couple of unchurched people from the community, invite them to a worship service, pay them a nominal amount if needed, ask them to write down their thoughts, and then genuinely discuss it with them over lunch or coffee. Not only will you gain an invaluable perspective, you might build enough of a relationship to invite them back.

10.  Stuff Christians Like!!!! Three new names for “blended worship” (meaning worship services where nobody is happy).  Made me laugh out loud.

11.  Nuke shares 10 things that are going right in America.  It isn’t just all bad news you know.  Like I paid $2.23/gallon for gas – I didn’t think I’d see it get that low again.

12.  I just read that Coffee has health benefits.  Cool.  Made my day!

13.  This lawsuit is starting to get major attention.  Berg v. Obama – a longtime Democrat suing Senator Barack Obama to force to prove that he is indeed a natural born citizen.  He has doubts.  Watch video report below:

Now before any Obama supporter goes ballistic on me I’m not saying that this is true.  I agree with Greta Van Susterern – let’s put this rumor baby to bed – every candidate produce your documentation!  This can be laid to rest very easily.

HT: Velvet Hammer

14.  A Democrat Halloween – I got a good chuckle from this.

Thanks Rick!

15.  This was funny.  A little long, but funny – The Vote Reaper.

HT: Foxfier

16.  Bono on the Wall Street bailout:

“I am not qualified to comment on the interventions that have been put forth. I can assume these people know what they’re doing. But is is extraordinary to me that you can find $700 billion to save Wall Street and the entire G8 can’t find $25 billion to save 25,000 child who die every day of preventable treatable diseases and hunger. That is mad. Bankruptcy is a serious business. And we all know people who have lost their jobs this week, I do anyway. But this is moral bankruptcy.”

HT: Kevin Hendricks via Compassion in Politics

17.  How’s this for a bus campaign?

I would encourage you not to take this advice.

HT: From the Straight and Narrow

18.  Check out Shawn’s review of the Confessions of a Good Christian Guy.

19.  Collin asks are there illegal laws worthy of disobedience?

20.  Last, but not least.  How about this for a duel appearance?


Puts Dancing with the Stars in an entirely different light.  Whoever photoshopped this needs to be commended.  Made laugh out loud.

HT: Dave Price


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