1.  Justin Wise asks “how can we be more intentional about “cutting the fat” in our churches?

A great discussion to have.  Being a pastor and before a youth pastor we seem to be addicted to our programs.  I remember when I was a youth pastor.  I wanted to try doing cell groups instead of our larger youth group.  I couldn’t do it.  I had to add it to what we currently did rather than replace a program.

Anyway, go over to his blog and share your thoughts.

2.  Have you heard about the pregnant man who is pregnant again?  Why is it that this is seen as a miracle since Ericka Andersen points out “he” is a woman who just looks like a man.  Gender change surgery does not equal miracle.

3.  Some great advice for the GOP post election from Princella Smith.  John Mark Reynolds lays out a framework for the GOP and conservatism in particular.

4.  Along those lines… after this election we need to step back and relax.

5.  Kansas Bob on faith and prosperity in times of economic crisis.  The above picture reminds me why I don’t check my retirement fund account statements right now.  Too depressing.

6.  Who is going to be the next GOP chairman?  I’ve heard Michael Steel’s name (former Lt. Governor in Maryland and now chair of GO-PAC), Newt Gingrich (former Speaker of the House and founder of American Solutions) and Kevin Tracy has now started a movement to draft Chip Saltsman (former Tennessee GOP Chair and Huckabee Campaign manager).  You can join his facebook group here.

7.  I wanted to post something on this last week, but I was taking a break from politics.  I agree with Michelle Malkin the “anonymous” attacks from disgruntled McCain staffers is cowardly and their career in politics should be over.

8.  Drew Hill shared 10 things he learned from Government, especially in light of this last election.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

  • Post election speeches represent grace and forgiveness in its highest form, as both candidates express great appreciation and respect for the opponent they have mercilessly trashed for six months.
  • Politicians are becoming more and more like pets – they are all owned by somebody. They may prance and parade their pedigree in public, but they still tend to fight and bite and make messes in private.

9.  By the way… for those of you who are Sarah Palin naysayers.  Here’s proof that McCain was the drag on the McCain/Palin ticket.  Palin is the reason he was even in it at all.

HT: Allen Thornburgh

10.  Eliminating abortion needs more than a political front.  We need to eliminate abortion from the bottom up.

11.  The faith of President-Elect Obama – transcript of an interview he had on faith with Cathleen FalsaniJoe Carter points out that the faith that Obama embraces isn’t historical orthodox faith outlined in the Apostle’s Creed or Nicene Greed (embraced by the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church and most Protestant denominations) – what it means to be a “mere Christian.”

12.  John Frye paraphrases John 4’s account of Jesus with the Samaritan woman at the well.  He has written it if Jesus were Oprah (perish the thought!), Jesus as an Emergent Talker (he is having a conversation after all), and Jesus as a fundamentalist (as the Pharisees would have liked him).

HT: Bill Kinnon

13.  The five word antidote to grumbling about church that we all need to take to heart.

HT: Justin Taylor

14.  Does a trashed Bible signal one’s piety?  I’d say no.  J. Mark Bertrand answers:

These days, the artificial aging of everything from leather goods to jeans is all the craze. I’m surprised the publishers aren’t offering pre-distressed Bibles yet. Back then, we had some shortcuts to achieving patina, too. Leaving a cheaply made bonded leather Bible on your dashboard through the Louisiana summer was a good way to get yourself elected deacon. 

So let’s just say I’m skeptical about the correlation between ragged Bibles and contrite hearts.

HT: Tim Challies

15.  Jonathan Edwards on how to be Revival Ready from “Thoughts on the Revival,” in Works, 1:421:

“At such a day as this, God especially calls his people to the exercise of extraordinary meekness and mutual forbearance. Christ appears as it were coming in his kingdom, which calls for great moderation in our behavior towards all men: ‘Let your moderation be known unto all men; the Lord is at hand’ (Phil. 4:5). The awe of the Divine Majesty that appears present or approaching should dispose us to it and deter us from the contrary.

For us to be judging one another and behaving with fierceness and bitterness one towards another, when he who is the Searcher of all hearts, to whom we must all give an account, appears so remarkably present, is exceeding unsuitable. Our business at such a time should be at home, searching and condemning ourselves and taking heed to our own behavior.

If there be glorious prosperity to the church of God approaching, those that are the most meek will have the largest share in it.”

HT: Ray Ortlund

16.  News flash… Archeologists have uncovered some of Martin Luther’s trash… including his toilet.  I know that you are as excited about this as I am!

Wonder what he used as toilet paper?  Indulgences?  Maybe some Papal Bulls.

HT: Paul Lamey

17.  The election has passed and we are still ok.  We need to look at the election of President-Elect Obama through the corrective lens of the doctrine of God’s Providence.

18.  The fact that Christ intercedes for us should both console us and motivate us.

19.  R.C. Sproul says that Christians in the West tend to suffer from Ecclesiastical Myopia:

Our vision tends to extend only to the borders of our own nation or at best across the Atlantic to western Europe. We tend to think that Christianity is fundamentally a Western religion. Such a view is penurious, indeed. The Bible, through the lips of Jesus, calls the church to extend the reach of the gospel to the corners of the earth — to every tribe, to every tongue, and to every nation. The whole world is the mission of the Christian faith. The strength of Christianity does not stand or fall with the strengths of the church in America or western Europe.

If in our ecclesiastical myopia we restricted our vision to the United States and Europe, it would be easy for us to become profoundly discouraged, particularly regarding Europe. The historians are saying that western Europe has now entered a post-Christian era where only a tiny fraction of the populace attends church regularly. The beautiful churches that dot the scene on the continent have become museums in many cases.

20.  A response to the argument made by those against Proposition 8 that “marriage is defined by love, not dogma!”

  1. “The election has passed and we are still ok.”

    Agree Shane.. now is the time to rebuild conservatism in our country.. but not in the image of squawk radio and TV 🙂

  2. “The election has passed and we are still ok.”

    Agree Shane.. now is the time to rebuild conservatism in our country.. but not in the image of squawk radio and TV 🙂

  3. As someone interested in historical things, #16 was of interest. As someone with a warped sense of humor, I’ll refrain from sharing the jokes that that item brought to mind. 😉

  4. As someone interested in historical things, #16 was of interest. As someone with a warped sense of humor, I’ll refrain from sharing the jokes that that item brought to mind. 😉

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