Last night, I hunkered down from the -20 wind chills with a fire and a DVD my girls wanted to watch: Kit Kitridge. Yep. I was about to suffer my way through an American Girl Movie.

Somehow, it was fascinating to me to watch how people made ends meet during an economy that went south. Scenarios of people who’d overextended themselves on houses, cars, etc…sound familiar?

And yet, I found myself asking the question: what would I be willing to do in order to provide for my family? Would I wear clothes with tears? What about not eating until I was full, in order to have leftovers?

In the book Tender Warrior, Stu Weber explains how God created men to be horizon thinkers: we like to scan the future, to be aware of what could come- so we don’t get paralyzed, should it become reality. I like that kind of thinking. Sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading, while not being caught flat footed.  A man who is prayerfully seeking God’s guidance in decisions.

Wisdom provides direction so we don’t over react and see the sky falling…yet opportunity to be light on our toes as we navigate economic waters that just about all of us under the age of 45 have never experienced.

Huh….maybe that American Girl movie was time well spent after all.

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