Today President Bush while at a press conference in Iraq had two shoes thrown at him by Iraqi Muntadar al-Zeidi.  President Bush shows great reflexes by ducking and the was later able to joke about the incident.

What I’m appalled by is my fellow citizens who wish the shoes hit their intended target.  Is this really the change you voted for?  This is hope and change?  Wanting violence done to someone you disagree with?  You think it is funny to see our President shown this type of disrespect?  What do you think would happen to this man if he had done this to Saddam Hussein?
Regardless of party we should never, ever want to see anything like this happen to our President.  I don’t wish anything like this to happen to President Obama.  He’s my President.  I didn’t want to see President Clinton treated this way either (and believe me – you don’t think Serbians wouldn’t have wanted to do this to him if they had a chance?).
I for one am glad for President Bush’s service to our country and for the work he has done to try to keep us safe after 9/11.  I’ll be glad for him when he can get a break from all of these crazy people in Iraq and here.
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