There has been much debate over what changes need to happen within the Republican Party, but one area of consensus is that the GOP needs to do much better with Web 2.0.  Democrats in general, and the Obama campaign specifically did a masterful job with the new tools at their disposal.  So the GOP finds itself with a technology gap.  Potential RNC Chair candidates are finding themselves being vetted based on their positions and usage of Web 2.0.

Rebuild The Party is one such movement pushing advancement in technology, and though they have more suggestions than that, it is priority #1 for them.  The Next Right founded by Soren Dayton, Jon Henke and Patrick Ruffini is a place for “wired activists to build a new Republican Party and conservative movement.”

Ft. Hard Knox and Grizzly Groundswell are other places that are trying to mobilize and equip conservative Web 2.0 activists.  Red County, a new place I discovered is mobilizing grassroots politics from the center-right. 

I would be remiss to not mention an up and coming trend utilizing Twitter – #TCOT or Top Conservatives on Twitter (founded by Michael Leahy – @michaelpleahy).  I joined a little while ago and at the time of writing this post I’m #277 out of 1375 people who have joined so far.  It is a great way to network on Twitter, and if you don’t have a profile – you should.  Feel free to add me @shanevanderhart, and sign up at the Top Conservatives on Twitter, when you do be sure to let them know I sent you.  They suggest 10 things that you can do to help build the conservative community on Twitter:

  1. Follow everyone on this list.
  2. Make a point of tweeting conservatives on the list who you don’t know, but you think might be interesting.
  3. Use the “#TCOT” tag before tweets you think might be of interest to the entire community.
  4. Tell your conservative friends who are not on Twitter to join now.
  5. Do something nice for someone on the list.
  6. If someone follows you, follow them back.
  7. Try to keep your following to follower ratio greater than 0.85 to 1. The point of a community is to engage in a dialogue. You can’t engage unless tweets flow two ways.
  8. Follow the people who follow people on the list with whom you have much in common. Especially follow people on the list who are rapidly adding new followers, such as @pinkelephantpun and @nansen.
  9. Volunteer to be a Project Servant-Leader or Team Member on a #TCOT Action Project
  10. Propose and gain approval for a new #TCOT Action Project.

If you are new to Twitter, never fear.  There is a Twitter 101 guide that you can check out.

I’m excited about the steps that are being taken.  This isn’t the only work that needs to be done, but it certainly is a need.

Update: Incase you are in need – a Social Media Etiquette Handbook – HT: Joe Carter via Twitter

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