Jack Brooks shares on his blog some pastors who have been drinking some church growth Kool-Aid.

  • One pastor described how to pull off an extra-marital affair (I wonder how he knows?), and described how thrilling it would be.  I suppose the redeeming aspect of this “message” is that he said to go do that with their wife.
  • Another pastor had been berating the men in the congregation about lust and then has a beautiful woman come out and to a strip tease down to a sports bra and underwear to the song, “Santa Baby.”
  • The same pastor had somebody come out the next Sunday with a military-grade flame thrower and about caught the church on fire.

My first thought is – do these guys still have jobs?  If so, why?  Secondly who is telling them that doing stuff like this is a good idea?  Thirdly, while they may perhaps see some growth – like perhaps an unusual increase of men the following Sunday after the “Santa Baby” routine.  What are they going to have to do to keep those guys?  I shudder to think.

The end doesn’t always justify the means.

HT: Brent Thomas

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