If you haven’t heard the news on Governor Blagojevich then read this:

Basically, Illinois Governor Blagojevich had the right to appoint the senator who would replace President Elect Obama and Blagojevich was selling the seat.

My sophomore year of high school Interstate 172 opened up between the town I lived in, Carthage, IL, and Quincy, IL.  So my little high school band, there were about 40 of us, got out of school early to go out the new interstate and play a piece as Blagojevich walked in.  He was supposed to be there at 2 o’clock.  At 3:00 we received a call saying that weather was bad and that his helicopter couldn’t land on the interstate as planned.  He was going to have a to be dropped off in Keokuk, IA a town not more than 20 miles away from us and then he would be driven to Carthage.  “Okay,” we thought, “Understandable.”

But Blagojevich refused to land in Iowa, where he wouldn’t have a group of Illinois people to smooze with when he landed.  He demanded to be flown to Macomb, IL and then drive to Carthage.  An hour and a half later he arrived and our little pep band played a piece we memorized just for the event.  Our band never got even an oral apology from him or any of his event organizers.

He refused to live in the Governor’s mansion and has instead spent thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars flying back and forth from Chicago to Springfield.  And there are numerous other cases of Blagojevich being linked with sketchy people and only looking out for himself.  If you google Blagojevich corruption you get 187,000 results.  I remember at one point his approval ratings being at 4 percent.  How did this guy get elected?

Will Illinois ever elect a decent governor?  Not until residents decide that they’re sick of the corruption and educate themselves on the issues.

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