The Illinois Senate convicts Rod Blagojevich 59 -0, even after he decided to come give a closing statement in his defense.

The former governor had refused to take part in the trial, but he surprised everyone by asking to make a closing statement in which he insisted that he should not be tossed out of office on what he called incomplete evidence.

“You haven’t proved a crime, and you can’t because it didn’t happen,” Blagojevich pleaded with state senators. “How can you throw a governor out of office with insufficient and incomplete evidence?”

I sincerely hope that this spells the end of this circus, but I’m sure it won’t.  I almost wish that criminal charges won’t be filed just so this character can fade into anonymity.  He took me on an emotional roller coaster ride this week with his media tour.  Some times I thought I wanted to puke, other times I was crying from laughter.  What I don’t get is why he got re-elected even with possible corruption charges hanging over his head in 2006.  Was the GOP brand that hurt in Illinois that the people would rather have a guy that seemed to fit better in the role of a Mafia don than a Governor?

Well obviously the State Senators we’re impressed either, and they think Blago has got another career ahead of him (provided he doesn’t become George Ryan’s bunk buddy):

But state senators were unswayed. One by one, before casting their votes, they expressed their contempt for Blagojevich with a litany of names, calling him “dishonest,” “devious,” “corrupt,” and a “hypocrite.”

They also blasted him for taking a media tour this week to disparage the impeachment hearing before showing up at the trial at eleventh hour without presenting any evidence of his innocence. By making a speech instead of testifying, Blagojevich did not have to take an oath or answer any questions.

“We must find him unfit for this great office,” state Sen. William Haine said.

Other lawmakers gave Blagojevich credit for turning in an entertaining performance, with one senator wishing Blagojevich well in his next career in Hollywood. (emphasis mine)

Bye, bye Blago.  We wish we never knew thee.

Source: Fox News

Update: Rick Moore calls him the “Cabbage Patch” Governor.

Uncanny.  It’s creeping me out.

  1. Shane,
    Love your blog site! So well done. Speaking of caffeine, I'm a “5 expresso shots Americano-a-day” gal myself…
    Thanks for writing. I'm a newbie at blogging so am inspired by those with your talent. Obama was born of the Chicago Machine. If he wasn't crooked when he came here (although with his history of mentors I think he was), he certainly left here crooked. Blago was the 4th of the last 8 Illinois governors to be arrested so nothing new to those of us in Chi-town. I'm looking forward to hearing about Blago's narc-session with the FBI where he shares what he knows about the illustrious B.O. and company. Wonder if the MSM will ever report it.. CBG

  2. Wow, I've finally met somebody more caffeinated than myself. Color me awed. Yep pretty familiar with Chicago politics. I went to school in the area – Trinity International University (Deerfield), and then lived in NW Indiana for over six years. My wife grew up in NW Indiana so she know the history more than I do.

    I am going to be fascinated to see what Blago does. I wouldn't be surprised to see this get dropped just so he'll keep his mouth shut. I just wonder if he's capable of that.

    Thank you for your kind words and I am going to enjoy getting to know you and your blog better. Thanks for stopping by!

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