I blacklisted my first person today.  I’ve tried to be pretty open about comments.  I do not want to go to moderating all comments, and the majority of all who comment here have been great.  I do want to lay out a couple of guidelines.

  • It is perfectly ok to disagree with me, that isn’t why this person got blacklisted even though I’m sure that is why he thinks he was.  I actually with a number of posts expect some to disagree.  What I also expect is that we disagree in an agreeable manner.  I will not tolerate personal attacks on myself or others who comment (name calling and other offensive remarks).  Let’s keep to the issue or post at hand.
  • This hasn’t been a problem, but I thought I would include it – no vulgar language (profanity, sexist or racist remarks, etc.) will be permitted.  You are free to use it, but as the blog owner I’m free to delete your comment and blacklist you if you are a habitual offender.
  • Please don’t comment numerous times when nobody is responding to you.  Let’s call this for what it is – spam.  I understand a couple of comments in a row if you forget to include something, have a typo, etc.  But commenting 4,5, 6 times or more (in a row, without a response) is excessive.  I try to respond to comments as quickly as I can.

We’ll keep the guidelines at that, and hopefully I won’t need to add to this list.  I, as the blog owner, reserve the right to delete any comment I deem inappropriate.

Most of you who read this are perfectly fine and this isn’t intended for you.  I just wanted to lay this out because I really, really do not want to have to approve every comment on this blog.

Thanks for your understanding.

Update: I just added Disqus to help me manage comments.  It has a lot of good features for moderating comments, but it also includes my trackback URI for those of you who link here to make it easier to send me a pingback.  You can comment without having a Disqus profile/account – it allows you to do that.  So you don’t have to do anything differently.

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