Sorry for doing some housekeeping, but I use Feedburner for my RSS feed.  I was told I had to move my Feedburner account to Google since Google had acquired Feedburner awhile back.  I did this say a week ago.  I was told I wouldn’t lose any subscribers, that this would be seamless.  They said my subscriber count would be off for a couple of days, but would readjust.  Ok.

My subscriber count never rebounded to where it was pre-move, and for the last three days it is telling me I have ZERO subscribers.  What?!?!  Anyway, if you are a subscriber and can are still getting my updates could you give me a shoutout via comment?  I just want to be sure that you are out there.  Thank you so much for subscribing!

If you are not a subscriber, well why not become one today?  You can subscribe here using a feedreader (Bloglines, Google Reader, etc – lots of options) or via e-mail.


Update: Checked Feedburner/Google and things seem to be back to normal.  I guess I was being slightly impatient.  It is now telling me I have subscribers and it is back to the pre-move level.

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  1. Shane:

    I am still getting you on my reader.

    I made the switch to move Feedburner to Google about a week ago. No glitches on the subscriber counts, but some of the past history on item use is unidentified. Not that I could make much sense of the item use statistics so I am not sweating it.

  2. still receiving the feed. i get that alot with my google reader too. darn google…making us all feel insecure about our readership….

  3. Shane, I'm getting your feed via Google reader without any problems (and thanks for your good work, by the way). I tend to be pretty clueless about how feeds work, so it could all be quite accidental on my part that you're still coming through. 🙂

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