Sorry for doing some housekeeping, but I use Feedburner for my RSS feed.  I was told I had to move my Feedburner account to Google since Google had acquired Feedburner awhile back.  I did this say a week ago.  I was told I wouldn’t lose any subscribers, that this would be seamless.  They said my subscriber count would be off for a couple of days, but would readjust.  Ok.

My subscriber count never rebounded to where it was pre-move, and for the last three days it is telling me I have ZERO subscribers.  What?!?!  Anyway, if you are a subscriber and can are still getting my updates could you give me a shoutout via comment?  I just want to be sure that you are out there.  Thank you so much for subscribing!

If you are not a subscriber, well why not become one today?  You can subscribe here using a feedreader (Bloglines, Google Reader, etc – lots of options) or via e-mail.


Update: Checked Feedburner/Google and things seem to be back to normal.  I guess I was being slightly impatient.  It is now telling me I have subscribers and it is back to the pre-move level.

  1. Shane:

    I am still getting you on my reader.

    I made the switch to move Feedburner to Google about a week ago. No glitches on the subscriber counts, but some of the past history on item use is unidentified. Not that I could make much sense of the item use statistics so I am not sweating it.

  2. Shane, I'm getting your feed via Google reader without any problems (and thanks for your good work, by the way). I tend to be pretty clueless about how feeds work, so it could all be quite accidental on my part that you're still coming through. 🙂

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