Andy tagged me on his blog for this meme.  I’m supposed to list seven random or weird facts about myself and then tag seven other people.  I think I’ve done this meme or one similar, and since I haven’t done a meme in awhile here goes:

  1. I have eaten wild alligator soup when I was in New Orleans for the conference in New Orleans.  It was very good, and I was glad I took “the risk.”
  2. I have never been overseas, the only times I’ve been out of the U.S. were on mission trips – twice to Mexican border towns (Nuevo Laredo and Reynosa), and once to Toronto (and go figure the week we were there, they had a heat wave).
  3. I have been fired from a church.
  4. I separated my shoulder wrestling my freshman year in high school.
  5. I considered walking on Drake University’s wrestling team (back when they had one) until I got the snot beat out of me by a guy from Indiana University-Bloomington’s team in an open tournament.  That was a good reality check to help me realize I wasn’t college wrestling material.
  6. I am an identical twin.  No we don’t look that much alike now (I am obviously the better looking twin).  Yes we did when we were younger, and yes we did switch places on occasion to mess people up.
  7. When I was at Drake University (I attended there for two years) they placed a Mac in every dorm room.  E-mail (not what it was called then) just was coming on the scene and I never used it, I thought “why would I need this?”  My how times have changed.

I’m tagging – Marshall, Angela, Kevin, Melody, Cameron, Jeff, and Angel.

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