I don’t do sports related posts that often, but with the Super Bowl tomorrow.  I’m just curious… you are you rooting for?

Arizona or Pittsburgh?

I’m pulling for Arizona, because of my fellow Iowan, Kurt Warner.

Otherwise I really don’t have a dog in this fight.  Going to watch with some friends of ours from Valley Church.

  1. I am pulling for Catholic Vote which has been told they won't have their ad aired during the Super Bowl. Basically it shows an ultrasound of a baby, no words, just a picture of a baby but we can't have people seeing that! Now if you want to get naked during the Super Bowl in front of 20 million people that's find. Just don't go showing babies!

    Hold on a minute…….the Super Bowl is a football game? I just thought it was a couple hours of commercials with a halftime show put in. So you mean they actually play football during this….who knew? Live and learn I guess. LOL Go LA Rams! Wait a sec……they are not in it……and they are now St. Louis? Well never mind. Just put in the Catholic Vote ad NBC and stop acting like some liberal tyrant! Okay now I return you to regular scheduled programming.

  2. correction: Should read that's fine….not that's find.
    Should also read: I return you to your regular scheduled programming not I return you to regular scheduled programming.

  3. I like either team. I'll be able to relax and watch the game.

    My best friend is a Steeler fan, so I like the Steelers for her sake. I also like the Cardinals because of Kurt Warner. So, I guess I'll just root for whoever has the ball.

    Go Cardeelers!!??

  4. Here we go STEELERS, Here we Go! Yes, BIG Steelers fan here. It's going to be a great day!

    BTW–I got an e-mail from the head of CatholicVote yesterday and did a post about it over on my site: rightresolve.com. Long story short, NBC doesn't want “political” ads. That's their story and their stickin' to it. Unfortunately that not the end of the story.

    The CatholicVote campaign–“Life: Imagine the Possibilities” is incredible! Many prayers and few dollars going their way. Speaking of prayers and life–it's off to get the kiddos ready for church.

  5. After weighing all the good reasons to cheer for either team, I've decided to cheer for neither. I plan to just sit back and enjoy some good football. Regardless of who wins, I hope to see a great game.

    On a side note, saw a sign yesterday that said, “According to Exodus 20:15 it's a CARDINAL sin to be a STEELER.”

  6. I pull for Arizona. Obama and Biden both root for Pittsburgh, so that is enough to make me choose the Cardinals. Go Cards! Beat Steelers, Obama, and Biden.

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