1.  I think any U.S. Legislator who was for the closing of Gitmo, lost the right to say, “not in my neighborhood.”

2.  Palin book deal rumor going around… FALSE – according to Greta Van Susteren (who seems to have an in with the Alaskan First Family).  Her reason for getting the facts out there?

Why correct this ? Because information on the internet is malignant…and if the facts don’t get corrected, the lies and misinformation just multiplies.

I noticed it was mentioned in the print edition of the Des Moines Sunday Register.

3.  Want to see if your Senator or Representative is on Twitter?  Check out this network map to see if you can find yours

(HT: Read My Lipstick Network)

4.  Be careful about asking President Obama a substantive question.  He might stare you down.

5.  President Obama will be the first president to carry a Blackberry.

HT: Justin Wise

6.  A new definition of hell.

7.  Change has come.  Watch this Comedy Central “coverage” of the inauguration.

HT: Rick Moore

8.  NCLB Testing is a waste of time for public schools and home schools.

9.  People who drink instant coffee too much could start having hallucinations.  This is why you need to drink the real thing, people!

10.  Is the economy freaking you out?

11.  What to pray for our new president.

  • Wisdom
  • Humility
  • Courage

12.  Parents, a great reminder.

13.  Is abortion a right?

14.  Today’s form of slavery.  What you can do about human trafficking.  HT: High Calling Blogs

15.  Abortion laws introduced last week.

16.  Who Runs Gov – an interesting new resource that highlights some of the players in government.  (HT: Todd Lohenry)

17.  Young, Restless, Reformed Bloggers

18.  The most important social justice issue of our time – abortion.

19.  John Mark Reynolds – “Without a Better Vision This Administration Will Perish

20.  Protestants are no more loyal to their church than they are to their toilet paper.


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