Are you frustrated with this whole stimulus, bailout, “rescue plan” thing?  The more I learn about it the more frustrated I get, and this latest gem is just priceless.

Things just keep getting added to this stimulus package monstrosity.  From the U.S. House Republican Leader, Congressman John Boehner’s website (HT: Say Anything Blog):

Washington, Jan 23 – Earlier this week, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported that the massive spending plan written by congressional Democrats isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – in particular, the vast majority of the spending in the plan won’t have an impact on our economy for years, at best.  And just yesterday, the House Ways & Means Committee learned that no one seems to know how many jobs would actually be created by the trillion dollar spending plan, even though the legislation is slated to be on the House floor next week.

Now comes the latest revelation about the congressional Democrats’ “stimulus” plan: it includes taxpayer funding for contraceptives and the abortion industry.  Specifically, a provision in the legislation clears the way for expanded federal funding of contraceptives through Medicaid for those who aren’t even poor.  Here’s how:

A Clinton-era program allows states to seek a waiver to offer Medicaid “family planning” services – even for those who are not poor enough to qualify for Medicaid.  If they seek the waiver, the federal government matches the state funding with $9 for every $1. 

Yesterday, during consideration of the congressional Democrats’ spending bill by the House Energy & Commerce Committee, the panel eliminated the waiver requirement.  The result?  All 50 states will now offer Medicaid “family planning” services (including contraception) with the federal government offering the same $9 to $1 match (pages 231-240).

Putting the public policy argument aside, what exactly does this stimulate?  Oh the comments and puns that could be said, but I’ll refrain.  The simple fact is it doesn’t do a thing to stimulate the economy and creating jobs.  Ok, perhaps if you work for a contraceptive company you’ll get a boost.

Can we share our collective outrage at Congress and President Obama?  This is just a waste of taxpayer money and it is an attempt to get somebody’s pet project through while remaining relatively unseen.

Yes, famous last words, “We are from the Government and we are hear to help.”

Update: Robert Stacy McCain shared some other gems from this stimulus package.

In a conference call on Jan. 23, House Minority Whip Rep. Eric Cantor and [Texas Rep. Jeb] Hensarling pointed out some of the more egregious spending provisions in the House Democrat proposal:

  • For every dollar that is spent for small business tax relief, $4 are being spent for the maintenance and new grass in Washington, D.C.
  • $360 million for sexually transmitted disease education
  • $50 million for the National Endowment of Arts
  • $726 million for an afterschool snack program
  • Office furniture for the public health service
  • More money for Amtrak

“How any of this fits under the banner of economic stimulus is beyond me,” Hensarling said. “I think it would prove to be beyond the American people as well.”

2nd Update: Also if you want to read this stimulus bill for yourself you can right here.  (HT: Iowa Defense Alliance)

3rd Update:  Looks like this is going to be removed from the bill.  (HT: Michelle Malkin – as she says, “Only $800 billion more in needless, unstimulating stimulus spending to kill.”

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