And it’s just been a month with the new President and Congress.  What happened to Obama’s sunlight promise?  That the public would get to see a bill for five days online before it is signed – broken promise.  What about the Democrats promise to allow the public to see the proposed bill 48 hours before a vote?  Broken already.

Today on Glenn Beck’s radio program Congressman John Culberson of Texas claimed that Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed a vote today on porkulus (all GOP and 7 Democrat voting against – so bipartisan opposition) so she can go jet over to Italy.  That didn’t even allow the members of the House time to read this bill over.


Imagine that, something this important and they had to vote on it before they could even read it.  Crazy!  The taxpayers deserve better than this.

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  1. Obama didn't purchase a company and start implementing new policies. He is the supposed leader of 300,000,000+ people. At least half of which do not agree with him. He is akin to a tyrant and has the support of his minions, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Their behavior is appauling, disrespectful and careless of America's security, traditions and Constitution. May their tenure be as short as possible. CD

  2. We the people employ these folks…it seems they and we have forgotten that. I am completely frustrated, yet also see a groundswell of folks saying enough of this nonsense.

  3. Unfortunately, we have four more years of this socialist White House unless something really drastic happens. The people of America have spoken and they want change. Again, it is unfortunate that the only “credential” Obama bin Laden has is that he's a good speaker. He has NO governing experience whatsoever and yet the people (or should that read LEMMINGS) of America have voted him into office. Obama became the “face of change” for America and so people jumped on the bandwagon even though Obama's wagon had a couple wheels loose and wobbly to begin with. Now the entire populace is on his wagon and if the wagon collapses, we'll go with it. Outrageous.

  4. I remember the 'Minister of Fear' promising to 'change America', reshape our economy (for the 21st century) and 'spread the wealth'.

    Unfortunately 52.9% of voters thought this was a 'good idea' or were to lazy to stop and think about what those promises meant.

    As far as the promise to read the bill. It's simple, High Pressure Sales. The longer people would take to read it, the less people would support it.

    Great post BTW!


  5. I suppose it depends on whether you think the government should do anything about the economy. If your answer is yes, then it had to be done under the existing system. There wasn't time to reform government before more things fell apart.

    I'm not a big fan of government intervention, so I would have preferred he just went for the reform.

    We haven't just stepped into a socialist system, Who socialized the banks, bailed out the auto companies, got us into record deficits? We have been on the track towards socialism for 8 years now. McCain wouldn't have been any different. The only guy who had a chance of winning and fixing things dropped out before the election,

  6. What's worse than a broken promise is not even the acknowledgement that a promise was broken. (Repentance)

    I think it would do a huge amount of good if the majority of Gov. Sarah Palin supporters knew what a political action committee does. I need to be educated on what a PAC does. I know Sarah PAC funds are used for functions for Gov. Palin on things that the State of Alaska should not pay for. The part that I'm not clear about is how can Sarah PAC help out conservative canidates thar she would endorse. Sarah Palin Supporters feels she keeps her promises. Have/ Do PAC's of possible
    Presidential Canidatesof really help like minded canidates in the Mid Term elections? It is an effective vehicle for Mid Term elections? Team Sarah and others have to work on the Mid terms. Right now I think Gov. Palin has the “Promise and Trust” issue locked more than any other canidate on the planet. Even if you disagree with her, you trust that she will do her level best to act upon her promises.

    At this point, Obama and the Democrats will not talk about promises broken. . They will try to drown out true hope and change by using the crisis. Drumming down enuthiasim for conservative canidates by so much noise. Or change the perception of many potenial canidates that they should not run.

    SarahPAC needs to be known as the “Trust and Promise” brand.

  7. I agree with you that Bush got us started on this road. Who was it that could have fixed things in your mind?

    I see a number of GOP candidates who would have been against this package.

    If you are thinking Ron Paul – there was no way he would have been elected. He's good on this, but his views on foreign policy and Iraq I just don't agree with.

  8. I agree. SarahPAC needs to be more than a website to collect donations though. I've e-mailed them (who knows if they'll listen) to take some cues from Huck PAC regarding online work. They need to do more grassroots, Web 2.0 stuff, blogs, etc. Like her letters, press releases, and the endorsement of Governor Rick Perry all would have been great to have in a blog with an RSS feed that people can subscribe to.

    They need to make that website dynamic and organize volunteers on the grassroots level to get behind good candidates.

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