I haven’t done one of these in a long while.  Since that is the case and I have quite a few new readers since I’ve last done this here’s what this post is.

It’s for you for the purpose of…

  • Ranting, get something off your chest that has been bothering you.  This is especially useful for those of you who read who don’t have your own blog.  What’s on your mind?
  • Prayer requests – let me and others who read know how we can pray for you.
  • Ask a question for me or anyone else who may read this post.  It could be a question on theology, apologetics, ministry, news, politics, etc.  I am not going to guarantee you I have an answer (unless you just want to know my opinion – I’m never short on that, LOL – I mean I blog after all).  If I don’t know there is a good chance someone who reads this may know.
  • If you are one of those readers who “lurk” (read without commenting) this is your chance to give me a shout out.  Tell me a little about yourself if you like.  I am always curious about who reads this blog.  This is especially true of those of you who subscribe to my blog, but never click through because you can read the whole post in your reader or e-mail.
  • Also just a reminder about my comments policy… no personal attacks, no profanity, and do not comment like 3+ times in a row without somebody responding to you.  Links are fine provided they are not to something you are selling or to an inappropriate website.

Have fun, and Happy Friday!

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