At the National Governor’s Association the economy and Porkulus has been at the forefront.  The Washington Post reports on a rift that is happening among GOP ranks (between the true fiscal conservatives and RINOs).

Some prominent Republican governors, including Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal, Mississippi’s Haley Barbour and South Carolina’s Mark Sanford, said they will reject portions of the stimulus funding, putting them at odds with their GOP counterparts from such large states as California and Florida.

Asked about Jindal’s and Barbour’s pledges to turn away stimulus funds aimed at expanding state unemployment insurance, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger quipped, “You just tell them that anyone that doesn’t want to take the money: I’m ready to take their money and rebuild California.”

Yes, Arnold because the State government has done oh so well before.  The most interesting “exchange” has occurred when President Barack Obama in response to the debate going on within the GOP Governors’ ranks.

Obama, speaking this morning to the National Governors Association, said “healthy debate” keeps his administration on its toes. But he also said the debate has centered on a tiny sliver of the overall package.

“This sometimes gets lost in the cable chatter,” he said. One example: He said governors worried about expanding jobless benefits to part-time workers have a legitimate concern about how to sustain the expansion after the stimulus money runs out — but far more of the money is targeted to people who already are eligible.

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana responded to the dismissing of the legitimacy of the debate they are having as “cable chatter.”

HT: Hot Air

I think President Obama just got schooled.  Great response by the youngest Governor in the United States.  Much like Governor Sarah Palin (who isn’t at the NGA) did and who has been the standard bearer for fiscal conservatism regarding the stimulus package.  

Hmm… I’m thinking Palin/Jindal in 2012 has a great ring to it.

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  1. I like Sarah Palin, but I'm not sure she can overcome the damage that has been done to her image by the driveby media. I think we might have a better shot with Jindal at the top of the ticket. I'm not even sure Palin should be on the ticket, to be honest. She fires up the base, for sure, but the average idiot on the street thinks she actually said the things attributed to her by SNL.

  2. You don't think much of that can't be overcome in 4 years or perhaps 8 (some feel it would be better for her to run in 2016)?

    The thing is not only does she fire up the base – she has a growing grassroots movement of support right now. She also in the latest poll done on this is popular not only with Republicans, but has a good approval rating with independents. I think if she governs well in Alaska and stays on the national scene speaking on policy, etc. She is going to be a very strong candidate.

    The thing you are going to have to remember that the left is going to try to smear any strong candidate we may have – so they'll be coming after Jindal. Now I like Jindal, but I think he's too young (he's my age), and has only been in office for year. I see him as a good VP pick now, but not at the top of the ticket – 2016, 2020 that'll be a different story.

  3. Which way would you go…Palin/Jindal or Jindal/Palin? I love Sarah. I think she's THE ONE to do the job in Washington,but I also know the power of George Soros' money and the depth of hatred for anything conservative held by the main stream media who will work again as a nationwide campaign company to get B.O. re-elected and to destroy her reputation. Should that make us not have her run? Not necessarily but although I would not accept just “any” conservative in the White House, I also recognize we have to choose someone with the potential of winning. If the media continues its shroud of cover around the socialist agenda of this administration and if the Community Regulators are allowed to hold fast to Localism, we may have to choose someone the MSM will struggle to bury.

  4. I would go Palin/Jindal. Here's the thing if it is Jindal/Palin – or if it is just Jindal, these same people will try to smear them as well.

    I really think it depends on what our country looks like in 2011. Palin will be very strong when Porkulus proves to be a failure. I would frankly be concerned by any candidate that isn't targeted by the left (i.e. McCain). Honestly for the most part I think the negative press, especially early on hurt Obama. It was the Couric and Gibson interviews that didn't help. I don't think any weakness she showed when campaigning with McCain can't be overcome. She just needs to surround herself with competent people and not rely on the MSM to help her get the message out.

  5. As long as it is Palin/Jindal, OK. Jindal/Palin, third party here I come again. I am still trying to determine the material that makes up Jindals backbone.

  6. Well, another thing to consider is the lack of support for Palin from some evangelicals. I'm not sure how farspread it is, but I've heard quite a few people argue that she is neglecting her responsibilities as a mother by pursuing the presidency/vice-presidency. I just don't know if she's the right candidate. I'll certainly support her if she gets the nomination, but I'm a little concerned about her chances of winning. I know the media is going to smear any Republican candidate, but I think the McCain camp's holding her back resulted in more damage than if she had been on her own. I hope she can recover, but I'm not ready to get emotionally invested in a candidate at this point. 🙂

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