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I thought this was pretty funny, only because I’ve had my own political phone mishap.  Cynthia Adams shared a rumor that Governor Sarah Palin refused former President Bill Clinton’s phone call after the election thinking that it wasn’t really him.  You might remember that she had been prank called before by a French-Canadian radio show by somebody impersonating French President Nicolas Sarkozy (not the first person they’ve done this to).  She evidently wanted it verified first before she spoke with him, having learned her lesson.

Gawker thinks that he wanted to show his support because of the false rumors that had been spread about her.  He evidently thinks he can relate.  Wouldn’t that mean the rumors about him were false though?

“Sarah, I feel your pain.”

My phone mishap came in September of 2007.  Even though I was a Mike Huckabee supporter at the time I was invited to a pastors’ meeting with John McCain.  I personally knew the person who ran his Iowa campaign, as well as, another one of his Iowa staff.  They both invited me, and the beautiful thing about living in Iowa pre-caucus is that you practically trip over presidential candidates.  I could have almost gone to see them all if I wanted to.

Anyway, he was running severely late so his campaign staff canceled the event.  Two days later I was sitting in a local youth pastors’ meeting I received a phone call on my cell.  I recognized it as a Washington, D.C. number, but I decided to screen it.

Out in the parking lot I listened to the message and realized that I had screened Senator McCain who called me personally to apologize for missing the meeting.  Too funny!  If he had been elected I was going to have fun saying that I had screened the President’s phone call because I was too busy.  I recorded it for posterity (you can listen above as well or right click on the link).

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