Picking back up with the attributes of God series that Shane Vander Hart preached at Grace Evangelical Free Church, this message deals with an attribute of God not often talked about… His wrath.

But if we have a better understanding of His wrath we can appreciate His love and grace in a deeper way.

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  1. I clicked on it, and for whatever reason it didn't work for me, Shane. I would like to tell you something. The “wrath of God” is His absence. The “wrath of God” is in separation from God. No vacuum goes unfilled. When God withdraws Himself, or hides His face, the spirit of Satan fills the breach in the relationship. The spirit of Satan is the personification of “the wrath of God”. God' s wrath, therefore, is the simultaneous withdrawing of His Spirit and the “infilling” of Satan's spirit. The spirit of Satan does the “work” that is the wrath of God. God is Love. God's Love and God's wrath are not incompatible for God is Holy. God separates from sin and remains pure Love. And in the breach the spirit of Satan – the personification of God's wrath – does the work of God's wrath as persons are delivered over to Satan for punishment and destruction.

    That is what I see in the scripture – what I know from my relationship with God – I've also later read a great work from a Jewish rabbi who spoke on this also.

    I'm sorry I didn't get the opportunity to hear what this tape stated before responding. Many believe that God is personally “angry” as if the wrath of God is an internal attribute of God and part of His Spirit rather than an external reaction of God and the personification of Satan's spirit. God does withdraw His Spirit and Satan's spirit is automatically released to fill the void… but God is Love and does not change nor is there any shadow of shifting in God. God is Pure 100% Love within as an attribute. When we see speaking of God's wrath – it is the Holiness of God which separates from sin. It is not an internal anger on God's part – but rather the law of cause and effect in which the spirit of Satan – the personification of wrath – is released as God withdraws in Holiness and persons, etc. are delivered over to Satan for annihilation and destruction and buffeting (as Paul was buffeted by a messenger of Satan).

    In God's presence there is fullness of joy. God is full of Light, in Him there is no shadow of turning, and within God are solely and wholly all fruits of the Spirit: 100% Love, 100% Joy.

    There is no anger internal to God. All wrath is outside Him towards those who are outside Him for outside of Him is outer darkness, the spirit of Satan, and sin.

    Again, I wish I had been able to hear your tape. Thank you for hearing my words.


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