1.  Just wondering if other states are doing this, but Alaska is looking to divest Alaskan money in Sudan in response to Darfur.  All states should look at taking stands against genocide similar to this (if they haven’t already).  (HT: Conservatives for Palin).

2. R.C. Sproul of Ligonier Ministries writes “Secularism: Ignoring the Eternal” – Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV.

3.  C. Michael Patton shares why Arminianism does not work.  Green Baggins posts on Election in the New Testament.

4.  Kevin DeYoung, one of the authors of a book I’ve been blogging about off and on, Why We’re Not Emergent (By Two Guys Who Should Be), has a blog – DeYoung, Restless and Reformed (HT: Justin Taylor)

5.  Ted Haggard was recently on Oprah.  Andrew Faris shares his thoughts on this interview.  Anne Jackson calls the environment that led to his fall scandalous.  Christianity Today has written about his recent media interviews.  (HT: Tim Challies)

6.  Just your random “Hamster Eating Popcorn on a Piano” video.

HT: Caleb at RedState

7.  Robert Stacy McCain gives us an example of elitism in one sentence.

8.  Bernie Goldberg explains PDS IPalin Derangement Syndrome) (HT: Josh Painter).  He just came out with a book, A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (And Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media.  Kind of a long title, Ericka Anderson shares some thoughts on this subject here.

9. The heaviest element known to science – Governmentium.

10.  Two Hundred economists, including Nobel Laureates, oppose the stimulus porkulus plan.  (HT: Michelle Malkin)  What will the stimulus porkulus cost working families?  Find out here.

11. Don’t cut the state budget, because if you do you’ll have to fire the firefighters.

12.  Politicizing Intelligence?

13.  This has to be the coolest Inaugural Photo I’ve seen.  (HT: Danny Glover)

14.  An interesting interview/profile on a conservative Congresswoman from my neighbor to the north (for you geographically challenged people, that would be Minnesota), Michelle Bachmann.  Here is a recent op/ed she wrote for Townhall.  You can follow her on Twitter here.

15.  C.J. Mahaney interviews Wayne Grudem, formerly of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, now at Phoenix Seminmary – parts 1, 2, 3, and 4.

16.  Can you have assurance of your salvation?  Yes, but follow the link for a more detailed answer.

17.  Regarding Abortion, we must continue to ask one question.

18.  Mark Driscoll was recently on Nightline.

HT: Internet Monk

19.  Sarah Flashing asks, who is going to protect women from women’s rights ideology?

20.  A true dead end.

HT: Pure Church

Bonus: I had to include this picture of the results of some guy hacking into the Texas DOT system.  I know… hacking bad, but I couldn’t help from laughing over this.

HT: Mark Riddle

  1. Please Shane, try reading the article and digging a little deeper. Palin's administration argued against the first bill. Note that Palin was asked late in 2006 and again in 2007 to support divestment in Sudan. The first indication of positive action happened in 2008, *after* the first bill died in committee.



    Of course it's good that she's ahead of the efforts now. Heros aren't perfect 100% of the time.

  2. Ok, well I rarely agree with someone 100% of the time either. If they were against it originally then I disagree.

    I am glad they have it right for this session of their General Assembly.

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