1.  2009 Ten Best & Worst States on abortion, bioethics and end-of-life concerns.  (HT: Reasoned Audacity)

2.  New name for the Stimulus Porkulus plan coined by Mike Huckabee this weekend on his show on Fox News.  If I find video of this I’ll post it.

Congressional Relief Action Plan.  Tell Congress that we aren’t going to take their Congressional Relief Action Plan, and that we are going to kick the Congressional Relief Action Plan right out of them.

Update: Found the video:

HT: Iowa Defense Alliance

3.  Tim Challies had a great review of Greg Koukl’s new book on apologetics, Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions.  Looking forward to reading this book!

4.  Interested in finding your best life now?  Take some advice from John Calvin.

5.  Stupid things people say to pastors.

6.  Michael Farris of Parental Rights.org and the Home School Legal Defense Association on parents’ rights being threatened.

HT: Steve Laughlin

7.  Self Control

(HT: Osmosisland)  My thoughts on this picture is that it should be the official poster for the United States Congress.

8.  Not too early for “I told you so.”  I wish that were so, but it it’s not.

9.  I’m so thankful I don’t live in California.  I don’t care how nice it is in the winter.  The rest of the country isn’t too far behind as a result of this PorkulusCongressional Relief Action Plan.

10.  Some racism is racist, some not so much.  Tim Slagle on the Margaret Cho – Miley Cyrus brouhaha.

11.  Just an FYI – Caffeinated Thoughts is the blog of the week over at Becoming Me.  So if you are coming from there – welcome!

12.  Learning to live happily without.

13.  Right in front of their noses, but still can’t see the truth.

HT: Collin Brendemuehl 

14.  Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s interview with Michael Medved on Saturday.

HT: Conservatives for Palin

I like the exit question they had for this interview:

What in the wide world of sports were the McCain campaign doing in “handling” her media appearances?! She is awesome!

15.  If Microsoft made cars – this made me laugh out loud.

16.  Twenty “new direction” moves of U.S. Government Leaders.  Ah yes, hope and change, hope and change.

17.  Geoge Soros and dumbed-down education

18.  Some Christians can be so pushy in encouraging people to get married… a defense of singleness.

19.  Be sure to check out and participate in the Red Envelope Project.

20.  Does religion cause violence?

  1. Hmm, Putin on the dangers of socialism. Kind of sounds strange that someone who seems to be trying to consolidate power into a dictatorship would be concerned about socialism…I hope he really has learned that lesson, but I suspect he may just be out to criticize the US.

  2. Looks like Kansas was given a marginal rating and was #14 overall. Iowa got a #34 with a dangerous rating which surprised me given your proximity to the bible belt.. Missouri was 16th and Nebraska was 8th.

  3. I thought it was interesting. Reading the whole speech I'm not sure exactly what his motives were. I think he likes government control, but realizes it doesn't work so well with the economy. Who knows what that man is thinking though.

  4. This is one of my concerns if Roe is overturned and abortion goes back to the states.. some states might be worse than others.. hard to say.. just surprised to see a midwestern state labeled as “dangerous”.. interesting that Alaska is rated worse (37th) and also rated dangerous.. maybe Palin can eventually make a difference up there?

  5. I would hope that Palin can make a difference. Governor's have to deal with Legislatures though and what I've seen in the GOP in Alaska it seems to be more moderate and libertine (which I agree with fiscally, not on issues like abortion though).

    She hasn't been the most popular person with party leadership there. After three years they finally added her to their directory. Crazy. Not happy that she called some people on the carpet. From what I've been reading I have to say that Alaska politics really sucks and some of the legislators (in both parties) can act rather juvenile.

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