1. How TARP works in pictures, or otherwise now known as the Congressional Relief Action Program (C.R.A.P.).  Another visual can be found here.

2.  Hey have you seen the Rick Santelli rant yet?  Here is the video:

You can read the transcript here via Velvet Hammer via C-Pol.

White House spokesperson Gibbs rebukes Santelli over this.  Santelli responds.  Also the Chicago Tea Party is now on.

3.  Killing the economy with good intentions.

Well meaning Democrats pressured Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and banks in general to make housing loans to poor people who could not afford houses. Banks developed loan products that in turn attracted people of all sorts to purchase them. What we are now calling “toxic loans” flooded the system. Housing demand shot up, and then home prices followed, creating a price bubble. When the bubble burst, as inevitably it had to, the collapse was systemic and catastrophic. Here we are. Good intentions. Bad policy. Unintended consequences.

Read David C. Innes’s whole post.

4.  Gallup: State of the States: Importance of Religion (HT: Sam Rainer).  A related survey from the Pew Forum on Religious Affiliation and Abortion.

5.  Governors and that whole “fiscal responsibility” thing.  Related: GOP Governors suddenly agree with Governor Palin and  President Obama is reminded by by some governors – “you were not elected to run my state.”  Of course the left is whining about it.

6.  Another poignant pictoral description of Porkulus.

American Dollar Toilet Paper

HT: Jungle Hut

7.  Introducing the Next Generation, how the church can reach them and Greg Stier describes how the first week of college can destroy a freshman’s faith.

8.  Consuming teen identity – how consumerism is becoming the new salvation story.

9.  Megachurches

HT: Out of Ur

10.  Death Match – Obama vs. Cicero

11.  God’s providence – Man on God’s stage.

12.  What do you mean when you say God is sovereign? 4 primary options.

13.  Murder and Killing in the Sixth Commandment

14.  Pluralism and Relativism “It’s all relative” by R.C. Sproul – Part I – introduction, Part II – pluralism in the Church, and Part III – Relativism and the issue of Abortion.

15.  Bill Clinton, a Calvinist?

“I’m too much of a Calvinist.  If I don’t work everyday I get nervous.”

It’s true from an interview that President Clinton did with CNN.

Embedded video from CNN Video

I’d say he’s referring to the “Protestant work ethnic” not his position on soteriology.

HT: Irish Calvinist

16.  The Secret of Knowing God’s Will – Part I, Part II, and Part III

17.  Hey by the way, you do realize we’re different?  The difference between masculine logic and feminine logic.

18.  A definition of what it means to be Reformed that I can embrace.

19.  Mark Steyn – The Obamateur Hour (HT: Tim Challies)

20.  Don’t feel bad for the wolves even if they are getting shot from helicopters.

  1. What a contrast. Obama today was intelligent, receptive to ideas from all sides, calm, polite, and – dare we say – “adult”.

    In contrast, you post pictures of toilet paper.

  2. That is what the stimulus package is. Sorry. It is throwing good money after bad.

    And after pushing through C.R.A.P. talking about fiscal responsibility in a “summit” is not adult, intelligent or anything like that. It was comical. It was absolutely hypocritical, and before you accuse me of being partisan – I would say the same thing if it were Bush – as he got the ball rolling on this.

  3. #2.. I love that guy!

    #9.. kind of stereotypical.. many churches use a press #9 option.. sadly (from my experience) smaller churches do not assure a personal approach.

    #12.. I can got with the 2 oversight positions.. I think that evil comes from within creation not from God.

    Did you forget to include GOP conservative Alan Keyes' comments on President Obama?

  4. I hadn't heard of Santelli before this.

    I agree with you that smaller churches can be just as impersonal.

    There are all sorts of nuanced positions with God's sovereignty.

    I didn't, I had several things I couldn't add this time – that was one of them. I mainly didn't add it because Alan Keyes lost credibility with me when he moved to Illinois to run against Obama. Also because it had been pretty well circulated by the time I did this post.

  5. You know Shane, #9 on your list is really an untrue and unfortunate stereotype. Most “megachurches” I know are not impersonable giants that have little or no care for their members and attenders, but rather they are a network of smaller groups of people that are connected on Sundays via celebrating God together as one and strongly held together by the smaller communities that they are a part of. Yes they are big…but they are small at the same time. So I think those with the view of a “megachurch” like that don't really get it, in my opinion.

  6. Yeah I wasn't making a personal statement. I know some megachurches are really good at trying to draw people in and demonstrate pastoral care. I have seen some that are awful. I've seen good and bad in small churches as well.

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