Barbie is 50, but seems to be getting more and more trendy for an older lady (since 50 is only 13 years away for me I don’t refer to it as old anymore).

SkyNews reports:

The new “Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie” comes with a set of body art stickers to be placed anywhere on her body.

The set also comes with a tattoo gun so kids can stamp designs on themselves.

Manufacturer Mattel says the tattoos for children are temporary and wash off.

But some parents believe the toy is not appropriate for young children and would not buy the doll.

So to my faithful blog readers, what say you?

HT: Moms in the Right

Update: Hey Lyla, I wanted to clear up any confusion.  When I said that 50 was only 13 years away, I meant it was 13 years in the future, not in the past :).   63… geesh, I know I’ve got a lot of gray hair, but give a guy a break, LOL.

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