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  1. Did you see the really neat sand painting video that was on the side bar of pcam's tweet about Harry Reid?It was really interesting!


    Thanks for inviting me to your facebook page. I think I am going to have to figure out how to get my nephew and you together over there. You are doing what he would like to,but can't quite figure out how.

  2. Well, looks like I am first. My thought for today has to do with a series I am doing on my blog about Christians and porn. (crcpastorchad.wordpress.com) I recently received an email from a young adult in the church telling me that the sex education he had growing up was taking a ride with his dad in the car while a tape from Dr. Dobson played in the radio.

    That's it.

    A lack of open communication and structure around this topic led to an addiction to pornography and masturbation. He is starting to deal with it now, but was weighed down with guilt and shame over it for too long.

    My question to all of you, “How do we open up communication on things like this within our Christian communities so that this does not happen? What have you been doing? What have you seen that works?”

  3. That was an interesting video. I hadn't see that before. I've wondered how people get into that, like does it just occur to them one day – “oh yeah I'll do art with sand.”

    You are welcome regarding the FB invite. I would happy to answer any questions your nephew may have.

  4. Tim – I love your subtitle – “Pithy Ponderings of Perspicacious Persons” Awesome! I'm adding this to my Google Reader and my blogroll. I added your other blog as well.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. For one thing I'd say make this a topic of discussion in your Bible studies/small groups with parents of children and teens. That's where it starts. Many times parents just don't know how to broach the subject with the kids. I'd say the earlier the better, because if they have kids in the public school I can guarantee you they've already heard.

    Also in your youth ministry you should be dealing with sex, dating, and relationships. Should be done with parental consent and as a supplement to what the parents should be doing.

    You need to ask parents who would you rather your kids learn about this from?

    Also need to get past talking about the “masturbation taboo” guys in particular need to discuss this topic and they need to be given a safe environment to do so.

  6. Good to see you back, I'll look forward to reading your posts :). I hear you on getting caught up with your reading… I always read the posts of people that comment here or those I know personally, but a lot of other posts if I'm too far behind I'll select the “mark all as read” feature in my Google Reader.

    That way I don't feel guilty 😉

  7. Great blog and I like the name, as well as the subtitle. I commented on your latest post – very good!

    I also added you to my RSS reader and added Boateater to my blogroll.

  8. Zach, I love the name of your blog! I added you to my RSS reader and added your blog to my blogroll. You have some posts up that I think are worthy of future Twenty Items lists :).

  9. That was a great post. FYI – I am subscribed to your blog, and you've been in my blogroll for awhile now. It's a rotating one so it doesn't show everytime the page is loaded, but there.

    I'm going to include either the Pelosi cartoon or “Debt Star” picture to next week's Twenty Items list.

  10. okay, it's been awhile…but i DO have something to rant about today: HR1388.

    WHAT THE HECK!!!???!!! Is this the “hope” america has voted for? sounds a bit like history that rhymes with “smitler”. seriously. stuff like this makes me want to fall off the grid & live off the land.

    ridiculous that there isn't more outrage on this topic…or maybe i just can't find it. our country is run by a bunch of ….well, words i can't say out loud…children might be listening. 🙂

  11. I think having money in the federal budget for volunteerism is ridiculous in and of itself. It's another example of pushing this agenda of “the government has to do everything.”

    They did take the “mandatory service” language out of the bill, but that doesn't mean it won't get added later.

    The Read My Lipstick Network blog has been covering this quite extensively – http://readmylipsticknetwork.blogspot.com/

  12. You're welcome… the open thread thing isn't an original idea. I initially started it when I was too lazy to post something, but wanted to still have some new content on my blog :). Today has been good a lot of comments.

    I've had these when only one person commented. Kind of defeats the purpose.

  13. Hi Shane,

    I just wanted to tell you I really liked the three posts about Christianity. Very thought provoking.

    Also, I have my Holland / Denmark issues sorted out. No more poetic license for me!

    Have a great weekend!


  14. i haven't visited in a while. My shameless plug (tho not a blog):


    Home School Conference and Sale
    April 18, 2009
    West Des Moines, IA

    We have Doorposts and God's Eternal Masterpiece at our admission-free home school sale.

    At our conference, we have speakers for veteran and new homeschoolers.

  15. Shane, on today's (March 27th) Glenn Beck show, MN Congresswoman Michelle Bachman talked to Glenn Beck about a bill she has authored banning the United States from capitulating to a world currency. I hope that this story gets exposure on the conservative. blogs. Apparently Treasury Secretary Tim Gueithner, dosn't seem to be against the idea.

  16. Thanks for the invite. This is an interesting idea. Things are so crazy with the new president who says one thing after he just did the opposite….like lecturing about fiscal responsibility after signing the stimulus bill that no one fully read. Then the worst possible people for cabinet positions. Anyone worry about Hilary making deals with China and company? Beyond crazy, yet they still praise him and listen and replay clips as if he means what he says. It would make the brain itch if it weren't so overwhelming where it all could lead. I'm just trying to figure out what we can do in light of all possible outcomes.

    I met with someone from team sarah who said that until we can stop the voter fraud from ACORN, which now has so much more money due to the stimulus bill, all our efforts to mobilize could be pointless. So, any ideas about how to stop the voter fraud?

  17. You know Hillary Clinton was one of his appointments I was less concerned about because she seemed competent, her and Gates.

    Regarding fraud… it will have to happen at the state level because I don't see the Federal government doing anything about it now. Chicago politics has come to the White House.

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