An instructional video, just for those who are planning on trying out new churches.  It is also a good refresher for those of us who are veteran church goers as a refresher church in worship service etiquette.


It is true if you follow the advice in this video you will be well on your way.

HT: Reformation Theology

Update: Thanks Mike for the link.

Update 2: My favorite Aussie blogger, Rodney, linked here and wished he had seen this earlier when he was looking for a church.  I’m sure you managed to fit in somehow ;).

  1. I wonder, with phones such as the iPhone, just how many times a church member has gone and looked up something during a service either to correct a message or even to help explain something.

    Bringing laptops aren't really necessary anymore. You can pull out your stealth phone and do all the scripture look ups you want!

    Too funny.

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