1.  I’m concerned about what is going on in Mexico with drug cartels and their overall instability.  A few links for you to check out:  Disorder on the border over at Intellectual Redneck, Tracy Karol posted on Texas’ role regarding what is happening in Northern Mexico, a post on Mexican security at Alamo City Pundit and over at Ft. Hard Knox a post about Texas Governor Rick Perry asking for troops.

2.  Andy Coticchio had a series of posts relating to a conference he attended called Following Jesus In a World Like Ours.  You can read part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

3.  Banning guns doesn’t reduce crime.

4.  What does the “love one another” command presuppose?

5.  You know I’m not going to complain about Iowa’s snow storms anymore.  Well at least not until next year.  This picture is a home in New Brunswick, Canada (not sure the exact town).


Changes the meaning of “being snowed in” doesn’t it?

HT: Random Musings of a Tormented Mind

6.  Help! Add it to your vocabulary.  Well all need to get over our self-sufficiency don’t we?  At least when we lose our dependence on God as a result.

7.  If you missed Rush Limbaugh’s speech at CPAC 2009 (it was televised live) instead of embedding 11 videos in one post here is part 1 and part 2.  (HT: Kevin Tracy)

8.  A new bumper sticker from the Tennessee GOP.

HT: Elizabeth Crum

9.  The taxpayer prize patrol

HT: Michelle Malkin via Cassy Fiano

10.  Evidently fiscal responsibility is now considered racist.

11.  Great teachers are more important than great schools.

12.  The emergent church’s (or at least one leader’s) embrace of Pelagius.

13.  A warning from the late Nikita Khrushchev (a former premier of the Soviet Union) from 1959 coming to pass?

HT: Angela  Stevens

14.  Seeking to reduce abortion is not necessarily pro-life.

15.  Unbelievable similarities between Obama and Lincoln.

16.  Some thoughts on business leadership principles being transferred to the church.

17.  Because it is just fun, and I just felt like including it.  This is a pretty random collection.  A blast from the past.  “C is for Cookie

HT: Excuse Me for Kickin

18.  Mark Steyn on the government take over of just about everything.  (HT: Pundit & Pundette)

19.  The conscience clause that protects health care providers from discrimination if they refuse to participate in abortion-related activity is in danger.  Take action here.  (HT: Lisa Graas)

20.  Alaska is trying to pass an parental consent/notification bill for kids seeking an abortion.  To me this is no brainer, every state should have this law on the books and it should have bipartisan support.  For the most part it does in Alaska (co-sponsored by a Democrat and Republican) and Governor Sarah Palin supports it.

  1. I clikcked over from the DMR blog in part to see if you would reference Limbaugh. Sadly, I wasn't disappointed.

    I continue to be amazed that so many Christians are so willingly deceived by this guy. He's beem married and divorced three or four times, now. Jesus would call him an adulterer. He sent his maid out to buy illegal prescription drugs, and then, because he's wealthy, avoided being held accountable. He's grossly obese – sometime check out your concordance and count the number of times that gluttony is mentioned in the Bible. He was caught coming back into the States from the Dominican Republic, a known sex trade spot, with a large supply of Viagra. Can we say “fornication”? (And probably pedophilia, most of the girls and boys for sale there are children…) He's loud, profane, arrogant,. and he spends his time belittling those who have the temerity to disagree with him.

    With all due respect, Shane, if your faith is more important to you than your politics, you should be actively spreading the truth about “El Rushbo”, as you call him.

    Having said that, it's truly high comedy to watch Congressmen, and now Michael Steele, have the audacity to speak the truth about Rush – Steele called his show “ugly” – then be forced to grovel at his feet and ask forgiveness.

    Limbaugh truly is the leader of your party, and as long as Republicans allow that to continue, then Obama – and other sane people – have nothing to fear in 2012.

  2. I link to a lot of people I don't 100% agree with – notice I did not give an endorsement of his show or of what he said.

    And I don't consider Rush to be the leader of my party.

    Also I don't condone his abuse of prescription medication, or the way he obtained them.

    Furthermore I have never referred to Rush as a Christian or anything of the sort.

    I'm just wondering if you hold yourself to the standard that you claim I should have? I sincerely doubt it. Iowaguy I don't even listen to his radio show or much talk radio in general.

    Now regarding much of your charges in that second paragraph. You just committed slander – easy to do when you are anonymous. You are accusing him of pedophilia among other charges. What proof do you have?

    Your comment is just completely out of line. If I were to describe somebody who you had some affinity with (not necessarily like) in those terms I am sure you'd jump all over me for being judgmental – and actually you have for far less than this. Isn't that just a tad hypocritical?

    And there you go about my faith again. The Bible says not to slander – I will criticize policies, political decisions, or theological positions (on occasion) with those whom I disagree. I don't do personal attacks, and I certainly do not slander. And if you were to read any of my posts about Obama with any level of non-bias you could see that.

  3. My wife liked #8 too.

    Regarding the emergent church and Peligius – I'm not sure, that is why I wanted to make sure I said “a leader” rather than characterize the whole movement as embracing him.

  4. Actually I referred to what you did as slander – technically that isn't correct. It is libel since it is in written form which morally isn't much different, but practically is much worse.

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