1.  Emotionally confused church services – ever been a part of one?

2.  Putting cameras in a prosthetic eye… good idea? (HT:Rodney Olsen)

3.  Faith, Context and Blindness -how to handle dirt in Christian historical figures’ lives.

4.  We seem to see a pattern emerging from the Obama Administration – Shame, Guilt, Repeat.  (HT: S.E. Cupp)

5.  Where’s God in the Financial Crisis?

6.  It appears that President Obama’s honeymoon is over.  (HT: Matt Reisetter)

7.  How to deal with generational disconnect within the church.

8.  Living life between the cross and the crown.

9.  An Atheist’s holiday, can you guess what it would be?

10.  Surely not this blog…

HT: Cameron Cloud

11.  What do Americans believe?  Surprised?  Not surprised?

12.  I can’t even imagine this… Sandstorm hitting Riyadh, Saudia Arabia

HT: Junction Pool 

13.  Another example of Islam being a “religion of peace.”  (HT: Velvet Hammer)

14.  Congratulations you won the HGTV Dream Home!  Now you owe the Government $1,000,000.

15.  Mark Driscoll takes his church behind the woodshed, in a loving, pastoral way, regarding selfishness.

HT: Josh Reighley

16.  Barack Obama – 52 Mistakes in 52 Days (HT: Alamo City Pundit)

17.  Growing up on Facebook, how is social networking impacting kids?  (HT: Jake Bouma)

18.  My friend Bob thinks he belongs to this group, but I probably do as well.  But there’s nothing anonymous about me :).

19.  Pro-choice?  Only for one choice.

20.  Would your governor help sell girl scout cookies?  Alaska Governor Sarah Palin took time to help a Girl Scout Troop that had their cookie proceeds stolen.  I’m trying to picture my governor here in Iowa, Governor Chet Culver, doing this.  Nope… can’t picture it.

Update: Thanks for the link Lisa!

  1. Shane- Loved #20. But don't kid yourself…Gov. Culver has done a lot of good for the Girl Scouts. Based on looking at him, he may be their biggest customer.

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