1. Governor Sarah Palin’s Lincoln Day Dinner Speech in Anchorage on 3/20/09 – Parts 1-12.  In part 7 she pretty much says she’s running for reelection in 2010.

HT: Josh Painter

2. The socialist empire strikes back?  I couldn’t resist.

HT: Political Jules

3. Andrew Breitbart wrote an op/ed for the Washington Times – “Rules for Conservative Radicals.”

4.  A recent Barna Group survey shows how liberals and conservatives differ on matters of faith.

5.  I recently posted on Time Magazine listing “The New Calvinism” as one of the top ten ideas changing the world.  Thabiti Anyabwile explains why this isn’t a good thing.

6.  Humility Test – FAIL

HT: Out of Ur

7.  Is your church’s praise band lip synching?  Maybe they do it better than this band.

HT: Monday Morning Insight

I see a country song developing here… (Imagine “Mommas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys”) “Pastors, don’t let your worship leaders act like rock stars.”  It works.

8.  Mark Driscoll discovers the  Old “New Calvinists” in the “Long Live the Dead Guys” week: Athanasius on Theology, Augustine on Theology, John Calvin on Theology, Martin Luther on the Cross, Jonathan Edwards on the Holy Spirit, Martin Lloyd-Jones on the Holy Spirit, The Protestant Reformers on the Church, The Puritans on the Church, George Whitefield on Evangelism, David Brainerd on Evangelism, Charles Haddon Spurgeon on Bible Teaching, John Calvin on Missiology & Church Planting

9.  Obama’s War on English

In an age when a waiter is a server, an actress is a female actor, and a dubiously-competent socialist cult leader is an American president, it was only a matter of time before the “Global War on Terror” became an “Overseas Contingency Operation” (OCO).  Thus Spoke Zarathustra this week via a memo sent to the Pentagon and select speech writers, officially establishing Team Obama’s redesigned terminology.  The War is over, long live the Operation! This should show the road-side bombers, suicide bombers, bombers-in-burqas, snipers-for-Allah, and other assorted, blood-thirsty, Jihadist savages that the US really means business now.  Victory through euphemism!

Read the rest

10.  The left has found another favorite target – Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.  She must be doing something incredibly right.  A new disorder?  BDS – Bachmann Derangement Syndrome?

11.  Eighteen Bible Memorization Tips (HT: May He Increase)

12.  Chad has a series of posts on Christians and porn: The Fear of the Lord, a theology of pornographic lust, a practical theology, masturbation, and Manly Men.

Also Tim Schmoyer has a good post on dealing with an addiction to porn.

13.  Want to get published?  Some helpful hints from G-Man.

14.  How the modern liberal winds up on the wrong side of every issue.

15.  Hey, guess what?  I guess that Pope Benedict XVI was right on condoms and the spread of HIV, the head of Harvard’s AIDS Prevention Center says condom use DOES NOT lower HIV infection rates.

HT: Lisa Graas

16.  Hey here is a good idea.  Let’s punish those who are charitable.

17.  Another case for home education.

18.  Apparently Human Events is in trouble due to increasing postal rates.

19.  A new Obama executive order worries free speech groups.

20.  Some advice for part-time bloggers on juggling blogging with your work, family and other commitments.

Bonus!!!! I had a couple “starred” items in my Google Reader that I wanted to share as well.

21.  Discovered an excellent coffee blog – All Things Coffee.

22.  Drugs supports terrorism.

  1. Shane,

    Thanks for the hat-tip and thanks for linking to my new brother in Christ, Demian Farnworth, over at Fallen and Flawed (#11). Great guy and great blog.

    Have a terrific week!

  2. These indeed are the top 20 items, I am completely with you on this, just keep stuff like this coming!

  3. I did too it made me laugh out loud. She has a couple of other funny items where I found that.

    I did see that. Nothing new. I mean why would he want to endorse anybody this far out anyway? If he doesn't endorse later on though people are going to think he's just bitter about losing.

    He did say in a speech at the Heritage Foundation (I think that is where it was) that over 50 million voted for the McCain/Palin ticket… well most of those were probably for Palin.” He knows it would have even been worse if it weren't for her.

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