Chicago politics have come to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, according to Karl Rove in an op/ed he wrote for the Wall Street Journal.

Senior presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett and her chief of staff, Michael Strautmanis, are in regular contact with MoveOn.Org, Americans United for Change and other liberal interest groups. Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina has collaborated with Americans United for Change on strategy and even ad copy. Ms. Jarrett invited leaders of the liberal interest groups to a White House social event with the president and first lady to kick off the lobbying campaign.

Are these tactics that should be employed by the White House?  Regardless of party?  What’s interesting is that President Obama is now going after members of his own party who don’t agree with his spending agenda.

Americans United is going after Democrats who are skeptical of Mr. Obama’s plans to double the national debt in five years and nearly triple it in 10. The White House is taking aim at lawmakers in 12 states, including Democratic Sens. Kent Conrad, Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor. MoveOn.Org is running ads aimed at 10 moderate Senate and House Democrats. And robocalls are urging voters in key districts to pressure their congressman to get in line.

Can you imagine what the outrage would be if this had been President Bush?  There would not only be outrage, but there would be investigations as Erick Erickson notes in his post today at RedState.

Were this a Republican administration, Henry Waxman would be demanding an investigation into the White House conspiring with outside elements in the “People’s House.” Can you imagine the reaction if Karl Rove met with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in the White House? The left would be out on every television network with every media “analyst” speculating that the activity was illegal.

Don Surber wonders if this is even legal?  Doubtful.  While the Administration needs to make its case for their plan on Capitol Hill, and have the right to do so.  Having White House officials, FEDERAL employees, engaged in political organizing such as this, is unethical at best.

Yep, hope and change, hope and change.  Washington meet Chicago.

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  1. You talk about the outrage there would be, if this were Bush. Once again evidence of the double standard.

    The thing about Chicago, is that for so many years, it has been corrupt. Even when my Mom attended Trinity in the 60's (back when it was in the city) students were offered money to vote for the democratic candidate. One election judge even asked my Mom why all the students from Trinity were voting for the other candidate. She asked them, how did they know?

    So the fact that Chicago politics is infiltrating the current White House, is a pretty scary thought.

  2. Wow, that's some account from your mom. The 60s were particularly bad. I'd like to think things have been cleaned up since then, but no such luck. They just aren't as obvious about it now.

  3. My best friend and her family live in Chicago, some of the only republicans in their district, and they have some good stories of stuff that is still going on.

  4. I can't think of the name of the individual now, but I saw on Fox and Friends interviewed a former Mobster last week and he was promoting his book. Anyway, the former mobster was saying he was concerned about the Obama Administration because he says it's actions resemble that of the Mob.

    The Former mobster said that the mob even though they did what they did, they, in their own way were patriotic in thier feelings toward America.

    So now we need to ADD the phrase “Chicago Mob/ Alinski Politics goes to Washington to be entierly accurate.

  5. Indeed the Whitehouse is now an extension of the 5th floor of the Mayor's office in Chicago. On St. Patty's day, for the first time in Whitehouse history, Obongo tinted the fountain at the Whitehouse green—just like they do with the Chicago river, although one would never notice the difference between the green tint in the Chicago river from its natural color—which is green, just a different shade. This is one example of “Chicago comes to Washington”. The other examples are his worthless and pathetic cabinet… from Rahm “the jackal” Emanuel, to the most inept Arne “rabid anti-gun nazi” Duncan, to his being able to keep his blackberry (so he can keep in touch with domestic terrorist Billy “cop killer” Ayers and personal mentor and inspiration Saul Alinsky ( not to mention his pastor, America-hater and racist extrodinaire, Jeremial Wright (or wrong).

    Obongo wouldn't have it any other way because to him the naturally corrupt, morally reprobate, and generally illegal character of Chicago is 'home'. The Whitehouse needs the *CHANGE*. Let's just wait and see who gets to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom this time around.

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