President Obama plans to rescind the conscience clause which protects medical professionals and organizations (such as hospitals) to choose not to provide services which are contrary to their religious beliefs or missions. This specifically pertains to the performance of abortions and sterilizations.

I’ve blogged about the effects of this before since it was part of the Freedom of Choice Act that President Obama promised to deliver.  This is a bad decision that will negatively impact the health care system.  You have the opportunity to express your thoughts about this clause, but that ends on April 9.  Here are ways you can express your opposition to the rescission:

  • Through their webform (select the leave a comment link).
  • Call them at (202) 456-1111 (comments) or (202) 456-1414 (switchboard).

Some points that you can make:

  • This clause has been in effect for 30 years and has not in any way diminished a person’s ability to obtain abortion or sterilizations.
  • This violates a medical professional and organization’s right to conscience, as well as, the medical professional’s constitutional rights to freedom of religion.  They should not, because of federal funding, be forced to check their values and consciences at the door.
  • This will negatively impact the health care system due to the potential (and likelihood) of Catholic and other faith-based organizations (hospitals) who depend on federal funding closing their doors rather than perform abortions.
  • Medical professional’s could be fired from organizations that provide abortions by refusing to participate as well.

Please let the Department of Health and Human Services know that you oppose this decision.

HT: Lisa Graas

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