I’ve done some posting on heavier topics lately.  I’d like to learn a little more about you.  What’s your favorite coffee and coffee shop.  For you poor souls who don’t drink this liquid manna you can substitute if you wish.

I’m simple (in my coffee taste, otherwise I’m a deep and complex man).  I don’t need froufrou coffee drinks.  I like a good dark roast.  I think I found my new favorite thanks to Justin WiseScooter’s Coffee House is awesome.  Sitting down enjoying a cup right now.  I also like, as strange as it may sound, Quik Trip coffee.  They’ve got this organic blend that is very good.  If I must have a coffee drink I enjoy a good Mexican mocha, and found Amici Espresso is pretty good for that.

So how about you?

FYI: as I’m writing this Governor Chet Culver just walked in… should I ask him about his position on gay marriage?  Nah… I’ll let him have his coffee in peace.

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