I’ve done some posting on heavier topics lately.  I’d like to learn a little more about you.  What’s your favorite coffee and coffee shop.  For you poor souls who don’t drink this liquid manna you can substitute if you wish.

I’m simple (in my coffee taste, otherwise I’m a deep and complex man).  I don’t need froufrou coffee drinks.  I like a good dark roast.  I think I found my new favorite thanks to Justin WiseScooter’s Coffee House is awesome.  Sitting down enjoying a cup right now.  I also like, as strange as it may sound, Quik Trip coffee.  They’ve got this organic blend that is very good.  If I must have a coffee drink I enjoy a good Mexican mocha, and found Amici Espresso is pretty good for that.

So how about you?

FYI: as I’m writing this Governor Chet Culver just walked in… should I ask him about his position on gay marriage?  Nah… I’ll let him have his coffee in peace.

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  1. I love Caribou Coffee, their signature Caribou blend, with just a little cream and splenda. Every once in awhile I'll have a light latte, but only with sugar free vanilla flavoring, skim milk, and no whip, or it starts getting way to sweet to drink. And…if it's a really hot day, I love Caribou's cold press….cold and smooth.

    I love coffee.

  2. Ah you use Splenda too… wonderful creation. Skim Latte's are probably the healthiest coffee drink you can get.

    Caribou's got good coffee too. I'll get iced coffee every once in a while.

  3. Sorry, Shane…frou frou all the way. Extra Hot Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks or their Mocha Frappachino (no whip – I need some self control right???) are my weakness. Can't go wrong with a caramel or a black cherry mocha either. Panara and Freidricks make a mean mocha as well. My opinion is that coffee should be high maintanance…I have no idea how you can drink it black. YUCK!!! 😉

  4. Oh I didn't mention I'll have skim milk and splenda (or stevia), and will use flavored creamers at home. I do drink it black on occasion.

    Cheryl the other day brought home Maxwell House, and I thought it was going to stick, but was surprised. Normally I'll have Folgers at home (would prefer to get coffeehouse coffee to brew at home, but I'm also Dut… er cheap).

    Frou frou is all right I mainly just do brewed because I can't afford the other as often as I am in coffee houses.

  5. Caribou would be my first choice . . . but in the sticks where I live there's only one coffee shop, it's not Caribou, and it doesn't start serving until I'm already at work. So I brew my own vanilla latte in my kitchen every morning, waking the kids with the sound and scent of espresso brewing. A little cinnamon on top of the whip, and we're good to go until at least 8:00 am.

  6. Ahhh yes, the budget. Dan mentions that word from time to time (and he's not even Dutch). I've often thought (and discussed with God at length) that sharing frou frou coffee with others should be my spiritual gift. LOL!
    I like the Herseys Delight creamer (chocoalte caramel and there's a really good mint chocolate truffle at Christmas time) and that will work if I can't have the real thing. Some of the General Foods International coffees aren't too bad either if you make them with milk and not water. I do buy the good stuff to brew for Dan as he likes black brewed coffee (about as strong as it comes).

  7. Yeah the Hersey's chocolate caramel creamer is good.

    With the Maxwell House coffee, I told Cheryl that if it stuck I was getting her HyVee brand Diet Cola. She didn't like that idea, LOL.

    What brand do you get for Dan, Starbucks?

  8. No Buck$ I love that name.

    I have started calling Starbucks “Five Bucks” because that is how much I have to spend to be able to use their wi-fi for two hours.

    So I normally only go there when I've got a short meeting or get it to go.

  9. The Birds and Bees blend at Kaldi's is my favorite. (Is Kaldi's a St. Louis chain, or do they have them elsewhere?) But I also love the Rwandian blend that Archer Farms does – it's sold at Target. It's nice and robust but a great mild roast.

  10. I'm also a Caribou guy. In fact, I work a morning a week there just to support my coffee habit. More of a light roast guy myself, with just a little cream. Yum.

  11. Well, you can tell Cheryl that I've actually purchased the Walmart version of diet coke and it's not THAT bad. Not sure what HyVee would be like? I'm just saying….some things are worth the extra cash. =) The coffee may not stick but it'll sure stain.
    As for Dan, it must say BOLD and be in whole bean form. He likes the Sumatra but again anything bold and brewed strong. I buy Starbucks, Freidricks and another brand I can't remember. I have been known to mix a little Folgers in with the good stuff to stretch the budget…shhhh. However, if he's on his own to purchase coffee, he'll get a cheap dark roast and ask me to buy him some coffee soon. I'm looking at some Maxwell House in my cupboard as well so I guess I need to make a trip to the store. LOL!!!

  12. I'm all about an Americano (when I'm not feeling like a fru-fru coffee drink), if I am wanting something flavored….Mexican Mocha from The Human Bean or Peppermint Mocha's from Starbucks.

  13. For all those frugal coffee lovers out there (Dutch or not!) I just wanted to say that coffee-house coffee doesn't have to be really expensive. If you have a membership (or know someone who does) to either Sams or Costco, you can get 2.5lbs of Caribou for about $17. It's still $17, but that much coffee goes a long way! At Costco, they have dark roast, and at Sam's, they have light roast. They might have Starbucks too, I don't remember for sure.

    Also at Costco – they have 2 – $25 gift cards to Caribou for $40. That alone could pay for our membership! Between the discounted gift certificates and the bulk coffee, I've worked to make feeding my addi….habit…a little cheaper.

  14. Started in Berkeley, CA with other shops in California and some of the larger cities (Evanston or Chicago would the closest shops to Iowa). For a long time Peet's was kept small and local because they wanted to ensure freshness. The guys who started Starbucks were inspired and helped by Alfred Peet but Starbucks' coffee is quite different. You might find bags of Peet's beans and ground coffee in some stores.

    As an aside, Consumer Reports panned Peets (too dark or burnt) but liked Eight O'Clock coffee (I think this was a comparison of Columbian blends). The Eight O'Clock version is much softer and pretty good, plus it's cheaper. I gave up the coffee house habit a few years ago and stick mostly to home brewing now.'s_Coffee_&_Tea

  15. Don Fransisco's Espresso Roast. It doesn't get bitter, which is something I can not stand. Apparently, Espresso Roasts are not supposed to get bitter. I like it with a little cream, yum.

    For a treat, I enjoy a Carmel Machiatto at Starbucks.

    Should also mention, I watched a special once on coffee on the food network. Some people believe you should keep coffee in the freezer. Not true. It should be kept at room temperature in an air tight container.

  16. I think it really depends on how fast you are going to use it. I actually keep mine in the fridge. I've had it out before, but it seems like the flavor keeps better in the fridge.

    Maybe that's because I buy the cheap stuff :).

  17. For mine, it's 4 shots of espresso and hot water with some room left to add cream. It'll definitely wake ya' up! They are most excellent iced also 🙂

  18. You've never heard of MJB coffee? Yes, you can buy it in the store. At least I can buy it up here in Rochester. It should be right there on the shelf next to the Folger's and Maxwell House. There's the regular and then there's Colombian.

  19. We shop at Wal-mart, and MJB is the cheap stuff there, not counting the store brand. Folger's and Maxwell House are the more expensive brands. I don't care for Starbucks coffee, too bitter for me, but I do like their bottled Mocha Frapppacino with some Bailey's Irish Cream mixed in.

  20. I'm a tea drinker. Coffee burns out your adrenals and I need all the energy and brainwaves I can get. Yes, tea has a small amount of caffeine, but it also has a wonderful amino acid called L-theanine which is calming and counteracts the caffeine. There are many other medicinal components in tea, not to mention it's great variety of flavors. Hot or cold, it's enjoyable and healthy.

    I love your writing style. I found you by googling Tea Party info. I was there Wednesday. Thought all speakers were good, but that Tamara was a fireball. Tamara for Govenor!

    Hmmm… What about axing Culver his position on sodomy. Now that 'family' can mean anything, will they be teaching how gays have sex in sex ed classes? Or, do they already?

    Keep up the good commentary.

    Rather 3 days without food than a day without tea.

  21. I like tea as well. Earl Gray, Chai and Rooibos as far as hot goes. I like green tea cold.

    Not so into herbal tea though.

    Glad you found the site! Should we start a Draft Tamara Scott 2010 committee?

  22. Shane,

    I'm a little late in getting a response posted here.

    The best beans I've had are from Javatinis, a small local chain here. I think you can order from their website. I love being able to go in, pick out the raw beans, and then watch them roast them fresh according to my specs.

    Wonderful coffee!

    Oh yeah, their lattes are out of this world! No Starbucks-fully-automated-MacDonalds-type-of-espresso-machines-so-there-is-no-skill-involved type of machines. Old school, baby!

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