It’s Friday, having missed last week’s Friday Friends open thread post I wanted to be sure I had this one up early.  This is your post to ask a question, rant, shamelessly plug one of your posts, link to something you’ve read, or just drop by to say hi. 

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  1. My little random rant is wondering why man is being blamed for sea levels rising, while it has happened repeatedly over thousands and millions of years. One only has to look at undersea Roman ruins to know that as early as 2000 years ago (and sooner), water levels were rising. Where I live, at 1500 meters above sea level, it used to be an ocean and we literally step on hundreds of snail shells being unearthed by erosion on the hills. What caused the sea levels to rise in the past? Pollution? Dinosaur flatulence? Homonids exhaling CO2? Civilizations have been swallowed up by the sea for eons, why is it suddenly caused by man-made products now? I don't get it.

  2. Every Good Friday I have always wondered why so many public schools take the day off. I think that it's a good thing. But considering all of the things that are taught in public schools, you would think that even a non H/T to the crucifixion would be contriversial.

  3. I read a lot of blogs. A lot of blogs that have to do with babies. And unfortunately a lot of those babies are super sick. I came across one that contained a line that I couldn't shake from my mind. Despite what our President thinks, babies are not punishment. Click over to my site if you are interested in watching a short video showing Obama saying he'd rather his daughters have an abortion rather than be punished with a baby. Beware, I rant a bit in response. And then read up on some wonderful families struggling with life's toughest situtations. Thanks!

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