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  1. Did you catch John McCain on Leno this week? When asked about 2012 presidential candidates he mentioned Romney, Pawlenty, and a few others conspicuously leaving Palin off the list. I thought that it was classless on his part.. of course I didn't support his candidacy.. people who did should be angry at him.. Palin deserves better!

  2. Just wanted to say hello. Found this site by following a link I saw at Rick Moore's Holy Coast. Nice place you got here.

  3. Actually, I supported his candidacy in the primaries but thought he lost credibility with the Palin pick.

  4. I plan to read up on the DOJ memos this weekend. It won't be fun but perhaps necessary. I'm not happy at what's been done. And with regard to the related bad policies continued by the current administration (e.g. detention policies), I am also dissappointed.

  5. I'm personally glad that they are not outing CIA operatives who participated in the intense interrogation techniques. I would call all of them torture, waterboarding I'm against. Basically if they had permission from DOJ they shouldn't be punished just because rules changed under a new adminsitration.

    Closing Gitmo is leading to all sorts of problems, they should have thought that through more before announcing it. Bagrham AFB though is in an active combat zone. This isn't a law enforcement action, and really what is done with the enemy should be an Afghani matter before it is a DOJ matter. I think those guys would do better dealing with our military though.

    Completely degrading our intelligence gathering capability is not in our best interest. There has to be a way to preserve human rights and still be able to gather intelligence.

  6. I agree about not hosing the actual operatives but in retrospect, even they probably should have pushed back (Still, I don't expect reservists serving as prison guards to be lawyers as well). Now those who ordered, OK'd or tried to circumvent pretty well established laws fall into another category, IMHO. There are some lawyers, government officials and even medical doctors that should be asked some very pointed questions in the near future. It won't be pretty but I think it's necessary.

  7. There's no accounting for taste. At least Guiliani got the heave-ho early. He's flake-city.

    Speaking of snubs, I hear that Cheney didn't list Jindal among the up and coming GOPers. Although oddly Cantor made his list and so I'd question Cheney's prescience.

  8. Pirates.

    Oh, sorry, I mean “free-form coast guard protecting their native ecology! And they haven't hurt anyone that I've seen on the news!” *offer list of the dead* “…. They're just protecting their country! Evil fishermen are taking too many fish! They're poor!”

    I think I'll be spending the weekend trying to work down a sense of general disgust at the fallen nature of man, as exemplified in a quick shorthand by the killing of that SEAL's dog, DASY, and echoes in various degrees but the same kind in all sorts of places.

  9. How can you protect a country that doesn't have a legitimate government? Hmmmm….

    They should be thankful that pirates are not handled in the same way they used to be dealt with.

    I was pretty disgusted hearing about that guy's dog being shot too. I'm sure the perpetrators were surprised when he chased after them.

  10. Shane, have you seen Gov. Palin's Speech at the Evansville Indiana Right to life? (posted at”) I have been following politics pretty steadily since I was in Jr. High. This speech is one of those speeches that you rember for years if not a lifetime. I have never seen any elected offical become so transparent and vulnerable on the life issue and still be a gamer. A lot of people make comparisons between her and Ronald Regan. One of the best articles written on that subject was Micheal Regan's article after Palin was announced “Welcome Back Dad!”.

    It was so great when Gov. Palin shared her heart on the issues she was wrestling with when she first found out about Trig's extra chromosome. She has been through the Refiners Fire. Whatever God has for her, may he always protect her and her family!

  11. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate this site. . .not only your writings but the revolving blog roll, which takes me places I have hungered for but just can't seem to find on my own. . .wonderful 'portal' – thanks for your generosity of spirit and time.

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