I just wanted to show examples of the tolerance shown by some who have commented on this post on homosexuality and one comment from this post on medical marijuana.  They were removed and censored for your viewing (dis)pleasure.

Disagreeing on my position on medical marijuana.

I disagree completely. I am a disabled Iowan who knows that most prescription drugs are hard on your body, not to mention the side effects. Marijuana is natural, and don’t leave you feeling like shit. Sounds like somebody supports the big prescription drugg (sic) market and is scared because the sale of marijuana will mean less money for your over priced garbage. F**K off unless you are the one in pain.

Then these are from those who promote tolerance, unless of course you disagree with them about homosexuality.

You’ve got to be kidding me. "Caught up in homosexuality?" as if it’s a choice? It’s NOT. No one chooses to be born gay, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Go f**k yourselves, homophobic t**ts.

Oh, and this one is my personal favorite.

F**k you, you piece of s**t. You’re a hateful, nasty person and I can’t wait for you and all the ignorant inbred sacks of smegma (I had to look that one up.) like you to die horribly.

These two just don’t get it.

Also, stop f**king deleting the comments.

Go ahead and delete all of the comments. You’re still an idiot, and karma is going to eat you alive.

Apparently I have have an “ex-boyfriend” as this commenter’s username was “Shane’s ex-boyfriend.”  Wow, that one will surprise my wife.

It has been scientifically proven you are born gay.
you would know, I’m sure

That’s just a sampling.  Just a note to those who comment here – I will not allow comments like these remain.  Here is my comment policy, read it and abide by it.  Tolerance means you have something to tolerate.  That you respectfully disagree.  Your comments prove that you do not know the meaning of the word, I mean are you two?  Do you talk like this in real life?  If so how do you keep a job?

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