I just wanted to show examples of the tolerance shown by some who have commented on this post on homosexuality and one comment from this post on medical marijuana.  They were removed and censored for your viewing (dis)pleasure.

Disagreeing on my position on medical marijuana.

I disagree completely. I am a disabled Iowan who knows that most prescription drugs are hard on your body, not to mention the side effects. Marijuana is natural, and don’t leave you feeling like shit. Sounds like somebody supports the big prescription drugg (sic) market and is scared because the sale of marijuana will mean less money for your over priced garbage. F**K off unless you are the one in pain.

Then these are from those who promote tolerance, unless of course you disagree with them about homosexuality.

You’ve got to be kidding me. "Caught up in homosexuality?" as if it’s a choice? It’s NOT. No one chooses to be born gay, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Go f**k yourselves, homophobic t**ts.

Oh, and this one is my personal favorite.

F**k you, you piece of s**t. You’re a hateful, nasty person and I can’t wait for you and all the ignorant inbred sacks of smegma (I had to look that one up.) like you to die horribly.

These two just don’t get it.

Also, stop f**king deleting the comments.

Go ahead and delete all of the comments. You’re still an idiot, and karma is going to eat you alive.

Apparently I have have an “ex-boyfriend” as this commenter’s username was “Shane’s ex-boyfriend.”  Wow, that one will surprise my wife.

It has been scientifically proven you are born gay.
you would know, I’m sure

That’s just a sampling.  Just a note to those who comment here – I will not allow comments like these remain.  Here is my comment policy, read it and abide by it.  Tolerance means you have something to tolerate.  That you respectfully disagree.  Your comments prove that you do not know the meaning of the word, I mean are you two?  Do you talk like this in real life?  If so how do you keep a job?

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  1. Nothing new here, Shane: the left (and all its various, warped, subsidiaries) have no idea what the term “tolerance” means and never have because, despite their assurances to the contrary, that has never been their goal. You either accept and acquiesce to each and every one of their pathologies or you are a bigot/racist/homophobe/Republican/etc.

    The only “dialogue” and “tolerance” the left respects is that of the iron-shod fist and boot on the neck.

  2. It is quite sad that some people cannot discuss the issues in a civil manner. What does that say about our society? Enjoying your blog, Shane! Keep up the good work!

  3. It certainly is. I would never dream of going on someone else's blog and leaving a comment like that. Well it seems to be par for the course when you are a conservative blogger. I'm thankful it doesn't happen very often and most, even those who disagree with me, are respectful.

  4. What we seem to be talking about here is civility rather than tolerance. It's unfortunate folks can't express themselves without profanity, but that does not seem these days to be a failure related to sexual orientation.

    I try not to use the word tolerance when talking about sexual orientation because nearly all of us on both side of the issue are intolerant if you abide by the dictionary definitation that suggests tolerance requires measures of fairness, objectivity and permission. I can approach fair, but because I am gay I am not objective and I will give no one permission to suggest that I “chose” a homosexual “lifestyle” or that my orientation is any less God-given or good than others' heterosexual orientation. Those on the other side of the issue can almost manage fair, too, in many instances but are similarly challenged in the objectivity and permission departments. What we should all be able to manage although we disagree profoundly is civility.

    The Schowengerdt case is extremely sad and I feel for both the parents, who lost a son, and for the son, but I certainly can understand why many (heterosexual parents and homosexual children alike) who have differing views about sexual orientation are saddened, even angry, about some of the allegations the Schowengerdts made.

  5. I think you can be biased and still be tolerant, on either side. And I don't mean to imply that folks on my side of the discussion are always civil either.

    I agree with you though that civility would have been a better word to use. Thanks for you civil comment :).

  6. I do enjoy when people post things like this, deciding to re-define the plain meaning of words in a desperate bid to put both sides of this argument on equal moral ground.

    The fact is, tolerance simply means “to put up with” despite not agreeing/liking/supporting the belief in question. It is a bedrock value of America and one that, up until recently, the vast majority practiced–this is no longer the case for a huge percentage of the left and, in comparison, a very small slice of the right.

    A synonym would be 'to suffer' as in “suffering fools like yourself who decide to re-define the parameters/meaning of the debate when your 'side' is acting like jack-booted thugs.”

    Can you honestly tell me that the people responding to Shane were just being uncivil? That they aren't, at heart, incredibly intolerant of his beliefs? If so, you have a (willing) suspsension of disbelief that casts your laughable protestations in even more disingenuous terms. (And they're already at rock-bottom.)

    I have news for you: there is only one side in this debate that is being intolerant–you know it, I know it, and everyone reading this drivel you posted knows it, so please stop pretending otherwise and/or treating us on the opposite side like we are the idiots you imagine all of us that don't think/behave/live like you are and stop making excuses for the bottom-feeders and troglodytes on your 'side' of the issue(s).

  7. I apologize to Shane for my outburst, but I'm really, really tired of people like Frank here dumbing down the conversation to make his position on matters seem as reasonable as the people he opposes–this warping, twisting and corrupting should never be allowed to stand unchallenged and should be beat back with as much rhetorical force as requried.

    If people like Frank want to have an honest discussion, they need to stop making excuses for the intolerant, period, and should call out his ilk when they engage in such activities, not pretend that everyone is doing it to the same (or any) degree to seek some sort of twisted moral equivalency.

  8. Yeah, some of the commenters on those posts got out of hand. Disagreements about religion and politics are always going to be heated but it's a shame that people can be so rude, I think especially the language can be quite shocking. But thanks to you Shane for never responding in kind, it's part of the reason why I like your blog so much that you treat even the rudest responses with respect.

  9. You're right, Shane: Tolerance is not affirmation; but to my mind at least tolerance implies passive disagreement, a willingness to let it be even though we disagree, giving permission by our own inactivity. We tolerate a lot, with mixed results. I'm not tolerant of views on matters of sexual orientation that differ from those I hold and acknowledge that. I want to actively change hearts and minds as do many of those who disagree with me. I continue to think civility is important. When we lose our tempers or try to demean those we disagree with we kind of automatically lose the argument. And that's true on all sides.

  10. It never ceases to amaze me how ugly people can get, regardless of where they stand politically, sexually, or otherwise. I liked that last comment though. Homosexuals are born gay … so to speak. We are all born with a sin nature. Still doesn't change the fact that God expects us to repent and turn away from our sin, but they were almost right. 🙂

  11. Shane,

    Wow. Well, I know I don't need to remind you of Matthew 5:11. Your reward points just went up.

    Take a stand for Christ and for truth and it won't be long until you get shot at. Occupational hazard of being a Christian.

    Thanks for sharing this. You're getting some link love tomorrow! 🙂

    God bless you, my brother.

  12. I see your point about the attacks and agree.(more flies with honey) I found your medical marijuana blog and found it was closed to post, and then found this one. I would like to let you as well as other know how marijuana use has effected my life. I started smoking from time to time in high school, witch I barely pass to graduate. Then started smoking daily after high school and attended a tech school where I graduated early and at the top of my class. Got a job and continued to smoke all day everyday. After 9 months I was promoted over 10yr employees to as far up in the company as I could go. Left to start my own contracting company in 1996. I now still smoke all day everyday, and employ 12 people full time year round with 4-5 seasonal employees. I still work everyday even Sunday's. I own my home and all my vehicles free and clear, pay ALOT of taxes every year, and continue to build the community I am a part of. This includes bath houses at state parks, daycare centers, government building renovations, and new homes non-stop. If I don't smoke I am very irritable and short with people. I am quick to point out facts and call people on their hypocritical behavior when not stoned. In my opinion it has help me to succeed in life, not the results most would like hear. Not everyone will have the same experience irregardless of their choice of drug. And as far as a gateway drug we all started with milk.

  13. Dave – you chronic (lol)…I know lots of people that smoke up – and to be honest weed doesnt make most people that smoke it that irrationale. Is it needed in most cases I know…no.

    I struggle with the idea that weed can be acclaimed to have helped you 'suceed' – I would have to deny that in some regards – maybe helped with stress. Weed doesn't add anything that isnt already in you (ie: smarts)…its just a drug.

  14. You are so self-righteous! Many of your actions are far from “Christ-Like”. It is amazing that you are such an expert on exactly what it is like to be a homosexual. I was raised by loving parents and we attended church every week. I am gay and believe me, it is not by choice… I prayed for years for God to help me change. I almost took my own life because of my self-hatred perpetuated by religions like yours. God help a child of yours should he or she happen to be gay.

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