stuartsmalley Evidently Minnesota’s U.S. Senate race is now complete (unless the appeal is accepted and the ruling overturned by the Minnesota Supreme Court), with Al Franken the winner over incumbent Senator Norm Coleman

I knew this could be the likely result, but can’t stop hearing the Twilight Zone theme song in my head.  Well, leave it to the land of 10,000 lakes who brought us Prince and Governor Jesse “the Body” Ventura to now present America with Senator Stuart Smalley.

Insert your favorite Minnesota joke here.

HT (for pic and Star-Tribune link): Notoriously Conservative

  1. Oh me too, but I can see the Minnesota Supreme Court refusing to hear the case. I'm also not sure how much chance he has to win there, and I highly doubt the U.S. Supreme Court will hear it.

    Certainly don't want to see Franken in.

  2. Franken is a Harvard grad who has written best selling books, and his resume before running for office is a lot more impressive than that other actor's, Ronald Reagan. Coleman is…the incumbent with no record of distinction in any field. After listening to Franken's radio show and reading his very good books, it is obvious that he pays attention, just as it is obvious that Coleman is a moron who has generous “sponsors.” We're only choosing between two candidates, and Franken is a ton smarter and more accomplished, and certainly couldn't be any MORE crooked than Coleman. I say the comedians of America, including Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Franken, see things more clearly than career politicians, and Franken has made enough money on his own that he doesn't need sponsors to buy his suits or rent him a cheap apartment.

  3. Sure Coleman is a moron, you get to be mayor of a city by being a moron.

    Being a comedian, being an accomplished loudmouth doesn't qualify one for being a Senator. I could care less that he went to Harvard.

    What has he done for Minnesota –

    Nothing. Sure he's completely not corrupt –

    “Franken has made enough money on his own” – yes sure because only rich people should run for office.

    Well hey, he may be your Senator officially here soon and I'm SURE he'll make Minnesota proud. At least until he goes on tirade because he doesn't like the press he's getting that.

    He'll provide some good blogging material I'm sure.

  4. Shane, the troubles we have here in the People's Republic of Minesota and the marrige thing in your state comes down in part to the theologians of of the Constitution. The judges. John Locke a statistician and a well known author has said that the 1,000 (1.500?) plus vote shift from election night favoring coleman to where it is now is basically is a statistical impossibility. The large ranging effect of this if it stands is not just Franken winning, but a template for other races around the country. If people think that the proccess will be pulled out from under them after the election, them people won't engage in the political proccess and unrest an chaos could come later.

  5. I am concerned about the ramifications of this. Did they ever consider doing a re-vote? I wonder if that is possible/legal. It certainly would be preferable than letting the courts decide.

  6. There is no provision for a re-vote. What there should be is acknowledgement of physical reality and write laws that automatically require re-voting whenever the separation between candidates goes below a defined level of statistical significance.

    An even better system would allow voters to rank their choices in “range voting”. That could signficantly reduce the need for re-votes. See:

  7. There's no need to insert a Minnesota joke.

    Al Franken IS a Minnesota joke. It's just not that funny when you realize that they actually sent that guy to the Senate!

  8. I thought the same of seeing Bachmann re-elected to the House, but YMMV…

    The problem with the Franken/Coleman race is that if either candidate had had any real stature the election wouldn't have been close. Is Coleman less of a joke? I doubt it.

  9. I thought Bachmann was a freshman rep… I guess she's just getting a little better know to us outside of Iowa.

    She's pretty sharp on banking/loans, etc. Watched some C-Span video of her.

    Well at least Coleman doesn't blow up at people. Franken is just crude.

  10. She's pretty well known to Minnesotans for promulgating the
    “scary quotes & talking points du jour” taken from the blogosphere. Prone to odd & quixotic diversions.

  11. I would be inclined to agree … from what I know of Bachmann she does seem a little bit on the nutso (to use the technical term) side of the world. I admit that I know relatively little about her.

    Were I to list every person I wish wasn't re-elected, this would take a while.

    Carol Shea-Porter, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank …

  12. Weird that you're trashing Jesse Ventura on an allegedly “conservative” blog. Competence, means testing, skepticism, and many of his other traits are vastly more conservative than the brutally unenlightened, gut-based foreign interventionism of the Reagan/Bush/neocon era. Actually, so is Barack Obama, if you look objectively at his actions and appointments, calm temperament, and blisteringly sane reality-based style. Thankfully that disgusting chapter of our country's history is drawing to a close. The creationists and various superstitious nutters in our country (“Palin voters”) will certainly have a place in American politics, but hopefully the transparency of the Internet age will help to prevent them from being represented in the oval office ever again.

    I'll second Argon's proposal that score voting is absolutely the way to go if we want to vastly increase our average satisfaction with election outcomes, instead of continuing to be trapped by plurality voting, into basing our decisions on “electability”.

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