Courtney and I Easter 1978

Before I got married, I worked as a Nanny for a Jewish family.  On one occasion, the father of the family asked me why Christians attach a cartoon character to what should be their most Holy celebrations.  Jews take their Holy Holidays very seriously, and this had bothered him for a long time.

My own experience with Holidays growing up was different than most.  My father is a Jew, and while he came to Christ as a young man, he still takes his heritage very seriously.  Christmas was never about Santa Clause, and was always celebrated along side Hanukkah.  Easter did not have a large emphasis on eggs and candy, out rather on Passover and Christ.

My husband Brent had a very different experience.  His parents insisted on the reality of Santa and the Easter Bunny.  When he was older and came to understand the fictional nature of what he had been taught, he also came to believe that it was extended to Jesus, and that which was taught in the liberal Lutheran Church he grew up in.  He thought that there was no truth to the stories of Jesus, but rather feel good messages on how we should live better.  When he was older, and became a Christian, understanding the truth and reality of Christ, he wanted nothing to do with Holiday associated fictional characters.

By the time we had our own children, we started out with some pretty extreme practices.  Attending a church at the time that took the regulative principle (only those elements that are instituted or appointed by command or example in the Bible are permissible in worship) very seriously.  They extended this principle into life.  As a young couple we were influenced by that thinking.

Through the years we have run into many Christian views on the matter.  I realize now that as I get older, I am uncomfortable with any extremism on any matter not outlined in Scripture.  I think this is what has kept us in recent years from taking a firm position on the matter.

So here we are.  Another Easter Celebration for the world, combined with the celebration of the death, burial and Resurrection of Christ by the Church.  And once again, no egg coloring kits in my house, or baskets for my kids to wake up to.

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