palin_right_to_life_speech Alaska Governor Sarah Palin spoke at the Vanderburgh County Right to Life fundraising dinner in Evansville, IN on Thursday, her first trip funded by SarahPAC.  It was sold out, and the overflow section was sold out (yes, people actually paid to watch her via live feed, but she did go in to greet them personally).

Politico took note of her popularity:

Far from her home state and the controversy she left behind, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin traveled to Indiana on Thursday and reminded Republicans why she remains a party heavyweight and a top prospective presidential candidate in 2012.

Palin drew approximately 3,000 people to the Vanderburgh County Right to Life fundraising dinner in Evansville, an annual banquet that typically attracts some of the GOP’s top national talent. Her sold-out appearance in a local exhibition hall prompted organizers to set up a paid closed-circuit broadcast at a nearby auditorium for a large spillover crowd and led local authorities to close down nearby streets.

You can watch Michael Steele’s introduction and her speech here, or watch below (video will automatically loop). Update: I noticed that the video playlist skipped from part 5 to part 7, so you may have to manually click on part 6, just an FYI, otherwise you’ll miss a little more than 5 minutes of her speech.

Video HT: Conservatives 4 Palin

Palin took an opportunity to take a slap at President Obama over the issue that drew her to this event.

"So whether it’s a child not yet born, or a newborn in a single parent’s arms, or an elder with Alzheimer’s, or a brave or a scared young soldier willing to offer the supreme sacrifice to protect all of our lives, innocent life is to be cherished and protected. And may our culture embrace that. The culture of life affects every aspect of our lives and society. And we must stand on the life-honoring foundation of our republic, and we must speak out against actions that erode that foundation. Don’t be afraid to speak out. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion when you see our president, through policy changes, want to erode part of that foundation. And by the way, I’m just a governor, but I don’t believe that it’s above my pay grade to rally you to speak up."

HT: Texas 4 Palin

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  1. Here is how Newt Gingrich answered questions from Christianity Today.. not great news for Gov Palin..

    CT: Who do you see as the emerging leaders in the Republican Party: Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin?

    NG: Bobby Jindal is certainly brilliant and has a great future. Tim Pawlenty has a great future. There are a lot of people who are terrific. The fact is, I think that you can look at [governer of South Carolina] Mark Sanford, Paul Ryan in the House, [California congressman] Kevin McCarthy, or Eric Cantor [in the House]. I just think we're likely to have a dramatic resurgence. We have two great candidates in Ohio, John Kasich for governor and Rob Portman for the Senate, who are likely to be very, very effective.

    CT: Do you see any women emerging in the GOP leadership?

    NG: I would start, frankly, with Linda Lingle in Hawaii, who was a terrific governor who got re-elected in very difficult circumstances. You have Kay Bailey Hutchinson running for the governorship of Texas. If she wins that, she will automatically be a national figure because she'll be the governor of the second largest state.

    CT: You didn't mention Sarah Palin.

    NG: Sarah Palin has an obvious role if she wants it. The question for her has to be, are she and her family willing to go through another couple of years of the kind of media coverage that they currently get? Is she willing to do the kind of development of national issues and development of a national profile that would be required? She is a celebrity in her own right. She is probably the most successful figure in the party right now, and she's a formidable figure. I think to go from there to becoming a national leader would take a significant amount of work.

  2. Oh he's right. I don't think it's a matter whether or not she can, but if she wants to. If she decided not to, I for one, certainly wouldn't blame her.

    I don't see it as bad news though. He did say she has an “obvious” role. 2012 is a ways away. She's yet got to declare if she's running for re-election.

  3. The problem is that Newt, like McCain, just doesn't see her in the same light as Pawlenty and Jindal.. or even a no-name ex-Hawaiian governor.. wonder why?

  4. I have no idea, but then again I've never taken my marching orders from Newt or McCain. I like who I like.

    Like I said, 2012 is a ways off. Who knows if she will run or not? If she decides to run, no doubt she'll have some work to do. I think her main focus right now needs to be on being a good governor.

    IMO his listing legislators I think is ridiculous. When's the last time the GOP won the White House with a legislator at the top of the ticket? They just don't have proven leadership ability which is what we are finding out right now.

  5. Shane, just FYI, I'm pretty sure part 6 of the video is where she mentions Trig and her struggles upon learning about the pregnancy…….so to many of your readers that will likely be the most important part of the series.

    Have you been reading C4P? Particularly the post about Andrew Breitbart's comments about her? I really think she is going to make a big comeback. I do. Hoping and praying! Shane, I don't disagree with her on everything, but my goodness, I see this woman as the best hope for political change in America right now. I think the country is ready for libertarian-type government, but we must not abandon the two-party system. Palin is the most libertarian Republican available AND she is a great defender and example of the culture of life. If we don't get her elected, or someone VERY MUCH LIKE HER (and I can't think of anyone right now who can do what she can do for America in the Oval Office), I think our country may have reached the point of no return.

    Many thanks for a good article on this.

  6. OOps! I meant to say I don't AGREE with her on everything. There is very very very little that I disagree with her on. That's what I meant to say.

    Can I not edit my comments with Disqus? I use Intense Debate and users can edit comments with it.

  7. Part 6 is in the video playlist, but for some reason it didn't loop the time I watched it, but it is there – they just may have to click on it manually. I don't know why it is skipping over. It is the best part IMO.

    I agree with you on Governor Palin, my point with Bob it that I would understand if she didn't want to run based on the potential cost to her family. She and Todd will have to prayerfully make that decision.

    I think after four years of Obama we will definitely be ready for small government. I hope. I pray.

  8. I know what you meant ;). If you have a Disqus account you should be able to edit it. I'd encourage you to get one if you don't already. If you don't, I'm not sure – check and see if there is an edit link underneath your comment.

  9. This is ONE of the reasons so many Americans LOVE SARAH. Americans NEED and WANT Sarah as President. We will continue to SUPPORT SARAH all the way to the White House. She is such a WISE Woman. I was watching her VP RNC speech today and she described bho plans to the T. Everything she said he would do, is exactly what he is doing, grow gov. spend our money, etc. She was reading him like an open book.
    Sarah has my support and my money.
    God bless Sarah and her family in the Name of Christ Jesus.

  10. Very true that her position on life endears her to many because not only does she talk it, she lives it as well. She was right on him as well. Many of us were, I wish our warnings were heeded.

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