Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was invited to speak at the National Republican Senate Committee/National Republican Congressional Committee joint fundraiser in June.  They thought she accepted, her office said, not so, that she wasn’t going to commit until after the Alaska Legislative Session, which ends in three weeks I believe.

So they disinvite her, and go with Newt Gingrich instead.  Ok their prerogative.  Speaker Gingrich will be a good speaker for them, but I sincerely doubt he’ll raise the cash that she would have.  What irks me is the “anonymous sources” quoted in the Fox News article about this.

Sources familiar with the Palin snub fumed about how the governor handled this.

"She was a disaster," one Republican source told FOX News. "We had confirmation."

Oh yes, “sources.”  Spineless little twits who can’t stand by their remarks.  Jimmy Orr makes a good point regarding this, “Give the nameless source some credit. If there’s one party that knows about disaster, it’s the GOP.” 

Ouch.  Look, taking pot shots at Governor Palin will not help rebuild the party.  They will lose a fundraising asset.  Ultimately the GOP is the loser in all of this.

Definitely a case of miscommunication, NRSC/NRCC blaming SarahPAC, and Meg Stapleton’s (SarahPAC’s spokesperson) response to the Associated Press saying she never confirmed.

A spokeswoman for Palin’s political action committee, Meghan Stapleton, denied Tuesday that Palin had ever confirmed her role as a speaker, even though the NRSC and the NRCC issued a joint press release two weeks ago trumpeting her appearance.

"Enthusiasm during a scheduling meeting among SarahPAC members to discuss events that we thought the governor should consider attending was misinterpreted as a confirmation of attendance," Stapleton said in an e-mail.

The sad thing is she would have likely said yes if they just waited.

Stapleton said Palin would not agree to political events until after April 20, when the Alaska legislative session ends. "She is focused on Alaska," Stapleton said today.

And while Palin’s camp claimed no hard feelings about being replaced by Gingrich, Stapleton said, "She probably would have said yes if they could have waited."

Epic FAIL.  It would behoove the NRSC/NRCC to realize  where many people send their checks before allowing “sources” to bash Palin.  For her sake and theirs.

By the way, have you supported SarahPac?

Update: Featured at Why Mommy Is a Republican, and Lisa you are right there is nothing wrong with the GOP as seen through the platform.  It is when it is ignored we run into problems.

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  1. The GOP/RNC are the big losers here. I emailed the RNC expressing my disgust with how this whole affair was handled, particularly with nameless sources again knifing Gov. Palin in the back. I went on to inform the RNC that all my donations are going to SarahPAC.

    BTW, Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham) of Samaritans Purse just sent out a fundraising letter with a big picture of himself and Gov. Palin both on the envelope itself, and on the enclosed letter. He knows that by doing so, he will get more donations.

    What the house and senate republicans don't seem to understand is that Gov. Palin has a real job, with real responsibilities, and is held accountable for real results. She's not a member of the junior league debate society filled with Champaign swilling fatheads. They are also right there where the event will be held, she has to fly 11 hours to get there.

  2. People don't seem to keep in mind how different Alaska politics are and the logistics for her travel. I doubt the Governor of Hawaii gets around much either.

  3. I'm sick of anonymous sources. Also they made a remark about CPAC. You know that is just completely disingenuous – she was invited along with a whole list of people. She never accepted, so to say “she pulled out” is a lie.

    I'm in tank for the truth.

    I do like Sarah though ;).

  4. I agree Shane. The Republican Party is so impotent, disorganized, and fractured; I can't imagine it being position to harness the the energy that is out there in the grassroots. We will do the work of the party individually or we will fail…again.

  5. Such a stupid post. Sarah's team are a bunch of hacks and the fault lies squarely with them. Talk about GOP lack of leadership — who is leading the Sarah GOP? One hand doesn't know what the other is doing. One day an aide says yes, and the next another aide doesn't even know what's going on? Come on. Apparently a point missed by a blogger in the tank for the “future” of the GOP.

    And while the two committees will miss out on some fund raising money, Newt will be just fine. How about taking the view that Ms. Palin missed out at addressing 3 to 4 thousand high dollar GOP donors — donors she'll need for her upcoming poorly run presidential run. Now her crack team let a future competitor have the floor to himself to a key group of fat cats.

    And for the poster who called the RNC to complain. Please know that the RNC, the NRCC and the NRSC are THREE DIFFERENT COMMITTEEs and while work together — at times — on campaigns and political issues — compete heavily against each other for dollars. Calling the RNC about the NRSC/NRCC serves no purpose. Now calling the NRSC to complain would be a better use of your cell minutes. Frankly the RNC could not care less about the NRSC and NRCC fund raising numbers.

  6. “Such a stupid post…”

    Wow, what a comeback.

    Your explanation of what happened is based upon the recollection of an “anonymous source.” They made it pretty clear she would consider it after the Alaska Legislative session. Meg Stapleton said they did not “accept” the invitation.

    Also you don't realize that SarahPAC and the Governor's Office are not allowed direct communication with one another based on Alaska ethics law. These two aides you mention – one was with SarahPAC and the other was with the State. It isn't like they are with the same organization.

    Now I'm not saying everything has been handled perfectly by SarahPAC – they are young, and to my knowledge, have about three people working for them. Also, Governor Palin is in the midst of actually governing – you know budget shortfalls, Mt. Redoubt, having to appoint a new AG, Alaska Supreme Court justice, and state senator among other things. What's Newt Gingrich having to do? Oh that's right. Nothing.

    You know the thing is I like Newt Gingrich, and I believe I said he would do just fine – so you and I agree there. I just believe that he doesn't garner the amount of excitement that Governor Palin does. Don't believe me? Ask Senator Saxby Chambliss.

    As far as poorly run campaigns, I don't know the ones that she has actually run have seemed to do just fine.

  7. Full of untruths and half-truths. Very sloppy journalism.

    Greta Van Sustern's husband is not working for Palin, he gave his advice as a lawyer on how to set up a PAC. No political advice whatsoever, both he and Greta have said as much.

    They never accepted the CPAC invitation, and it would have been foolish to do so with what they had going on in Alaska. She wouldn't have been able to go to that and skip the National Governors' Association meeting, which she missed as well. Going to both wouldn't have flown with her constituency.

    Bristol Palin set up that interview without her mom's consent or pre-knowledge, and that was said during the interview.

    Not saying that they don't need to figure out a way to coordinate with her state office, but with all the snarky people filing ethics complaints makes it hard to do so. So they've had to stay very separate.

  8. Republicans should stand fast and together to fight against the Cap and trade (tax bill) and the Senate should not go along with the House.

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