Check out CNN’s Susan Roesgen piece on a Tax Day tea party protest.


I’m not defending the guy comparing Obama with Hitler, that was inappropriate.   This wasn’t a surprising tactic though as it was expected that some in the media were going to discredit this movement.  So let’s take the extreme fringe element and try to make him the face of the tea party.

Then the other tactic is to belittle, as we can see in the absolute sophomoric behavior from Keith Olbermann (not surprising there), Anderson Cooper, and MSN’s obsession with “teabagging” (which is a slang term referring to oral sex).  No one at yesterday’s event in Des Moines referred to this as teabagging.

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  1. More double standards. I find it amusing that so many people claim the mainstream media is not biased. I challenge someone to find a mainstream media report that includes the disgusting rated X displays that go on at gay pride rallies. I've never seen any coverage that shows them as anything but peaceful, decent protests.

  2. There is fringe on both sides of the argument. i wish there was less rhetoric and vitriol in the whole issue.
    But there is reporting and there is advocacy. This was not reporting.

  3. Wow I'm out of the loop and didn't know that about teabagging lol.

    I heard Susan's piece on the radio and was not surprised. Also on Rick Santinelli's CNN bit, he drudged up a vid of some guy ranting at a pub about Obama. But I knew that would happen, so it did not shock me at all. The news will look for the rowdiest person and hone in on them while ignoring the masses who were peaceful and had real rational concerns, as well as posting vids and photos from the smallest gatherings and making comments about how only a few hundred showed up, or 'there might have been 100 people there', while NOT showing the aerial views of multiple thousands on city streets across the county. Again, not surprising, but it is getting very annoying to say the least.

  4. FYI Shane (and speaking of things I wish I didn't know…), “teabagging” is usually a term for when a guy lowers his scrotum to just centimeters above the face of an unsuspecting, usually sleeping victim.

    Not exactly oral sex. It's not sexual- it's meant to be a practical joke.

    Not sure that this is the best plug for Christians in Context I've ever made, but there you go, haha…


  5. Hey thanks for elaborating on that. I knew that as well, but had seen the oral sex definition as well. Was trying not to get too explicit.

    You killed that idea, LOL.

    Now I'm wondering how often this will come up as a search term when people find my blog.

  6. Rush Limbaugh made an interesting observation. He said that journalists have become activists. I think we should start referring to them as such. For example, “Yesterday on CNN, political activist Susan Roesgen said…” or “Susan Roesgen, political activist for CNN, interviewed the secretary of…”

  7. Well the other thing is that when they cannot find some weirdo to put on the news, they will make one. We have seen it happen so many times before. The guy calling Obama a Facist could not explain his way out of a paper bag, which makes it apparent to me that they pulled this guy out of an acorn office, handed him a sign and a twenty dollar bill and started filming. I mean who takes the time to make a detailed poster/sign and then cannot even explain it? The glaring corruption is becoming more and more transparent and they will be their own downfall. Stay true to your principles and we will make history.

  8. My letter to cnn:
    Dear CNN,
    Your organization was represented poorly yesterday, April 15th, 2009. Judging from the actions of a field reporter in Chicago named Susan Roesgen, CNN seems to think this helps their image. Your reporter has single handedly put several more nails in the ratings coffin. I and hundreds of thousands of Americans are just so flabbergasted that a news organization as large as CNN does not see the movement that is rising up and getting stronger, ready to take a stand against being manipulated by their government.

    How can CNN ever expect that the public will trust you again, when you and Susan Roesgen got the entire tea party movement assessment completely and utterly wrong? The majority of Americans saw that and rolled their eyes once again, all while knowing that we could not trust CNN to report the news. It is the reason the ratings for your organization will continue to fall because you will not wake up and smell the coffee.

    Although, I sincerely hope that you do turn your organization around because you could be on the cusp of some very historical events going on right in front of your cameras. Reporting them accurately, would catapult CNN back into the ratings game.

    No, the downfall of CNN will be that you have turned the majority against you by keeping people like Susan Roesgen in the field, but don't let me tell you I told you so.

    You will find out for years to come what idiotic decisions lead to you loosing ratings, loosing advertising funds and loosing lots of capital through this little stunt.

    From where I stand, I see that the American public believes that CNN is probably receiving funds from the government thus becoming controlled by the government. Well I am no scholar, but the government won’t be able to carry you forever. Your organization made allot of people very angry and the American public will be glad to let you sink on that ship that is sinking under very poor government leadership.

    Maybe CNN needs to be more customers focused and less elitist focused. The customer will make or break you, and when you take your eyes off of that prize, you will loose in the long run. Please reevaluate your direction and come back to a trustworthy news source by taking a stand against the poor reporting skills represented in Susan Roesgen. She should apologize and possibly loose her job. It was a sad depressing day for CNN, and the American public will not forget.

  9. Glenn Beck made a similar point yesterday. He said calling her a reporter is not accurate. He said, “I'm not a reporter. I give my opinion, and I am up front about that.”

  10. While I don't doubt that has been done, there are people on both sides who'll carry signs or spout off saying without being able to explain why they believe that.

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