Friday, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin had a press availability day, and The Anchorage Daily News and Conservatives 4 Palin are reporting an interesting comment that she made regarding Levi Johnston’s claim that he had been allowed to live with Bristol in their Wasilla home.

In response to a question from a television reporter, Palin also talked about some of the ongoing drama surrounding her family. Levi Johnston said during an interview on CBS’s “Early Show” that he moved into the governor’s house a few weeks before Bristol Palin gave birth to their child.

"I know the truth about my family. I know details about whether Levi Johnston was allowed to live with my teenage daughter or not. By the way, it would be over my dead body that a kid would live with my teenage daughter," Palin said.

Tell us how you really feel, Governor Palin.  This is an example of why she is loved my mainstream America.

The consensus in blogs that I read regarding his appearance on Tyra Banks and the CBS Early Show was that it was classless (times two) and demonstrated bad judgment, with the exception of one (but, he seems to be suffering from a mild case of PDS).  I thought that when news of Bristol’s pregnancy broke that the Palin’s handled it very well and were very gracious to him.  It is unfortunate things are turning out this way for Bristol and for him.  At some point he is going to have to think about the long term consequences of his actions.  I hope that it is sooner rather than later.

I thought his claim that he lived in the Palin home was off, and I am glad that Governor Palin is setting the record straight on that issue.  I would certainly feel the same way.  Something like that happening in my home with my daughter wouldn’t happen with my knowledge.  It would be over my dead body (and quite possibly the boy’s… well ok, no because I don’t think prison suits me).  She spoke to the Johnston issue again on a local radio show hosted by Eddie Burke.  You can listen below that specific topic begins at the 4:38 mark in Part I and picks up in Part II.

Update: Linked by Why Mommy Is A Republican and Let’s Get It Right (he also has video of the press conference).
2nd Update (4/12/09): PDS sufferer Dan Fagan of ADN wrote a piece regarding Levi Johnston, great rebuttal by Joseph Russo which also pokes some holes in the claim that Levi lived with the Palins.

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  1. As far as I see it, Governor Palin has more of a reason to lie about this whole thing than the Johnston family. I'm not sure when conservatives began trusting politicians more than ordinary families, but I think we're setting a dangerous president if that becomes a trend.

    Especially in a family as messed up as the Palins'

  2. Messed up family. Yeah okay sure. Yet I have a feeling that you are a Clinton and Kennedy supporter, right? And considering the parental scenario of our woefully incompetent President do you really want to go there?

  3. There are those that feel the Palin family is dysfunctional and if they are, they are a lot less dysfunctional that the Johnston family who take the opportunity to go on national TV and exploit a single mother. Levi is a perfect example of teenager with an adult’s hormones and the common sense of a child. Perhaps he will grow up before his child beats him to adulthood. Who is bearing the financial responsibility for Levi’s child? Not an unemployed teenage father or the young mother who is trying to finish her education. The Palins are providing the roof over the baby’s head and putting the food on the table unlike countless liberals who would expect the taxpayer’s to pay their recklessness.
    The press has crucified the Palins from the onset. Sarah didn’t leave her secretary in the back of submerged car to die. Sarah didn’t have a love child with someone while her husband was dying of cancer. Sarah’s father wasn’t married to two women at the same time. The Palins react like real Americans when dealt a less than desirable hand.

  4. Palin brought her family and Levi into the national spotlight.. she now needs to show a bit of charity towards this young man. She needs to stay out of the fray and not get pulled into the media circus.

  5. Shane, I made a follow-up comment to yours on Tracy's blog. You are right. I've thought the same thing about the stupid things celebrities do……….the long-term impact of the publicity on their children.

    Truly, though, I think the big story in the press conference was the fact that it proves that Sarah Palin is brilliant. As my mom and I watched the interview, we kept commenting to each other on how impressed we are by the fact that she knows such intricate details about the issues she is addressing in Alaska. And what about her budget director? That woman is also brilliant. Wish I knew her name offhand so I could give her credit. She is “spot on” with the numbers. Very impressive. I have been similarly impressed with the expertise of her other cabinet members. This stands in stark contrast to a President who gets glowing media reports for his very brief press conference on the state of the economy (I think that was yesterday, too) which was virtually devoid of any details. The big headline for “O” was that he said he sees “glimmers of hope” in the economy. I was impressed with Sarah Palin's point that she has always been fiscally conservative when they accused her of playing politics to a national audience. Of course, she hasn't changed. She has always been a conservative and when they accuse her of playing politics they ignore her record on these things. Truly, Shane, she really aced this press conference in its entirety. Very impressive woman.

  6. Follow the money:
    First court appearance: Sherry Johnston appears before the judge (6 felony charges for selling and using drugs out of her house) with only a public defender by her side, no family members, not even her children. Out of nowhere a big time lawyer takes the Johnston’s case and just so happens to be a big time OBAMA supporter. Why? Levi + Bristol = Sarah Palin – Who is paying for this expensive lawyer? The next court appearance the whole Johnston clam attends. – Levi breaks up with Bristol – The creepy sister interviewed by a tabloid and drops the breakup. – Who set-up the interview? – Levi is unemployed and driving a brand new truck worth from 25,000 – 40,000 dollars. – Very interesting. – Follow the lawyer – TV show interviews Levi sitting in his new truck. Who sent them? – The three stooges fly to New York to tell their story. Tens of thousands of dollars for the trip and other cost, shopping free fall. Will he buy anything for Tripp? Who is paying for all of this? Follow the money and the lawyer – They can’t attack Gov. Palin on her record so they are attacking her through her daughter. – How sick is that? Will Levi head to court? Who is behind that? – Not Levi, he can’t afford child support. The court battle will be played out in the corrupt MSM. – It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who is behind this dog and pony show. It is well orchestrated. Follow the money and LAWYER. – I feel for Tripp, someday someone will show him the videos of his Dad bashing his mother and grandmother all in the name of money.

    The election is over. Why are they so scared of this woman?

  7. Carlos, in defense of Kevin, while I don't agree with him all of the time and especially on this issue – he isn't a troll. He commented here because I linked to him.

  8. If the Johnston family wasn't so messed up I could see your point… maybe.

    You didn't seem to apply that standard to Obama though during the campaign.

    While the Palin's have had a struggle with Bristol's pregnancy, I'd hardly call them messed up. How about keeping your disdain to her governing and policies.

    Obviously Alaskans, who know her far better than you and I, see her much differently than you. Even after the media smears her approval rating is still high.

  9. Bob, how would you react if somebody went on Tyra Banks and the CBS Early Show and lied about your family?

    He's a politician yes, but she's human and a mom. She only responded because she was asked. Also in the radio interview I felt she was very charitable toward Levi.

  10. Good that she was charitable towards Levi. I hope that both families can find a way to get out of the headlines.. it just can't be good for anyone.

  11. The thing that frustrates me is that we have to talk about this at all. I am not saying that you should not have written about this, because obviously it has become an issue. What I am really talking about, is ever since September when likable Palin was picked as VP running mate to McCain, all the media wants to do is bring up a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with the country or the issues. Because of the media, most people know more about Palin's family problems, than they know about the great things she has done, and that which she still fights for. I actually feel sorry for the Palin family.

    If there is anything that we can do to stop the mud slinging, we need to get right on that.

  12. I actually helped raise over $30,000 for Governor Huckabee's presidential campaign. I'm a red blooded Republican who is horrified at what Sarah Palin will do to our party and our conservative movement if her Jerry Springer story life stays in the headlines.

  13. Her popularity rating in Alaska has dropped over 40% since she became the VP nominee in late 2008 and her personal life was brought into the spotlight. Since then, she's been using her PAC as a legal defense and selfish propaganda fund.

    Shane, I'm a huge supporter of father rights and all I see right now is a father who wants to spend fair time with his child being denied that right.

  14. As Shane said, I'm not a troll. It's also worth mentioning that I'm also the product of a Catholic Nuclear Family, meaning that I have a father who was and still is married to my mother. So I'm nether trolling or a bastard.

    Thanks for your concern though! I know how much you enjoy damning the families of private citizens instead of questioning the lifestyles of elected officials.

    Thomas Jefferson would be sick.

  15. Kevin, you're saying her approval rating pre-VP was 100% then, because the last poll that was done was 60-62% or something – still very good.

    I don't know where you are getting your info about the PAC being used as a legal defense fund, but she herself said that it couldn't be and isn't being used that way – are you getting a crack at their books? Selfish propaganda fund? It's used for political travel to speaking engagements that she is asked to do, and used for other candidates. You know, stuff PACs are used for. Like what Huckabee is using his for.

    Also, other than the Johnston family who is corroborating his story that he isn't able to see the child? Do you know all the facts surrounding it? No, you don't. Dude if I didn't know you were a Republican I'd think you getting your information from HuffPo or DailyKos.

  16. I don't think it's wise to make the assumption that Palin lied either which is what you are assuming. I just don't get the hatred man. I can understand if she isn't your favorite candidate (if she is even going to run), but I think you're crossing the line.

    I don't even treat Obama like that. I keep to his policies, speeches, and decisions. You won't see me blog on his family life here.

    Ultimately Kevin, like Bob said nobody benefits from this. Either family.

  17. I agree, I wish this was a non-news event. I didn't blog on the breakup, but felt like I needed to say something here. Hopefully this will find its way out of the headlines.

  18. I am glad that you did write about it. I just wish the media would stop talking about this, and talk about more important things. Not sure that will happen anytime soon.

  19. Actually, it was 92% and the last poll I saw had her in the low 50s in Alaska…. low 30s nationally.

    Regarding the legal defense fund, some grassroots activists started a Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund and that was what she couldn't accept help from. Take a look at Mike Huckabee, HuckPAC is used to promote HuckPAC candidates only. The Vertical Politics Institute is Huckabee's propaganda too.

    While I don't get news from the DailyKos, the HuffPo is actually a useful resource for getting news that conservative media organizations aren't willing to publicize.

    Shane, what's really sad is that conservative supporters of Palin are telling private citizens that the only way you can find justice in this country is by telling all of your friends to go open up their life stories to the media.

    If this was Chelsea Clinton in 1998 and for whatever reason she didn't get an abortion, you'd be protesting just as loudly with me that the rights of the father need to be respected. Instead, you're covering the reputation of Alaskan Governor Britney Spears because you happen to agree with the rhetoric that comes out of her mouth.

    Of course, the fact that she raised taxes and fees without the support of the people of Wasila as the town's mayor is irrelevant and the fact that she's called for the resignations of Republicans BEFORE proven guilty in the court of law and needlessly costing them re-election is irrelevant, too. (Of course, she now thinks that there should be a retry)

    I feel sorry for Senator Stevens. Apparently the Governor of his state never heard of the phrase, “Guilty Until Proven Innocent.”

    If Republicans believe, as Sarah Palin and her supporters, that a conviction in the court of public opinion is more important than a conviction in the court of law, then I'm not a Republican anymore and I'm ashamed to have ever been affiliated with such a sorry excuse of a political party.

    Thankfully, Republicans nationally only have a 50% favorability of her. That means it's impossible she will ever win the Republican nomination as long as someone like Governor Huckabee, Governor Sanford, or Senator Thune is in the race.

  20. I disagree. While Sarah Palin doesn't have much to gain by lying, she certainly has a lot to lose by not lying. ie – her Christian Taliban supporters will begin to lose faith in her judgment if they found out she let the boy who impregnated her teenage daughter move in with her.

    If Levi is caught lying here, it could cost him any sort of custody for his child.

    I don't personally have children, but if I did, I find it very difficult to imagine taking such a risk to get virtually no more air time than I was already getting AND for no additional pay because I wasn't taking money for my interviews.

    Perhaps it's the Jeffersonian in me, but I believe the people should be trusted more than politicians, especially in this case.

  21. Her approval rating was never at 92%. 83% was the highest I have ever saw –

    The latest Hays Research Poll found her with a 60% approval rating –

    Alaska Dispatch had her at 63%, but that is older (January) –….

    A Rasmussen Poll shows that most Republicans disagree with you –
    She isn't even remotely low with independents with 46%.

    She “raised taxes” in Wasilla? Do you have any idea how local governments work? She is one vote on a city council. She can't raise anything by herself. I'm not sure what tax this is you are talking about, but apparently it didn't bother the people of Alaska when they elected her Governor.

    As I recall you and I both defended Governor Huckabee on taxes, perhaps there is more to the story than what you are allowing?

    There was major corruption within state government, perhaps not criminal, but ethics was out the window. This has been pretty well established. Sorry you think that's ok.

    I think you pretty much left the GOP when you supported Obama the last go around. Boy that's turning out well.

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