sponsorad3 I’m taking the plunge in finding sponsors who would be a good fit with Caffeinated Thoughts.  If you are interested in advertising on a blog that shares our contributors’ musings on the news, politics, culture, life, and theology you can find out more here.

If you know of those who you think would be a good fit (I’m limiting this to organizations, services and products that would mesh well with this blog) please pass the information on.  If you have any questions about why I’m doing this, please don’t hesitate contacting me.

  1. They actually contacted me :). I'll hear back from them later this week or next.

    I was thinking about doing this already, but getting an e-mail from them was providential and made me decide to go forward.

    The post you wrote that linked to them sent a decent amount of traffic their way so they decided to contact me.

  2. Well since 'they' (newreformationpress.com) is my brother-in-law and my friend friend Pat , I will put in a good word for you. NRP has some good contacts, so even for Lutherans, I think it would be good. I am trying to get more reformed stuff on there.

  3. I talked to Ted and Courtney tonight about it, and it occurred to me what a small world it is. You and Courtney were actually at Trinity at the same time. Probably didn't know each other, but she actually said your name sounded familiar from back in those days.

    Anything that could benefit both of you (two of my fav websites) would be good.

  4. Her last name was Coren (like me obviously). And her last name now is Rosenbladt, (since she is married to Ted)
    Of course I am trying to be clever. As you can see it doesn't come naturally to me.

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