A little late this week, a little preoccupied with other blogging material,  but here you go, the fruit of my web surfing.

1.  Sweet nametag.  Awesome to wear at church on Sunday mornings or for elders’ meetings. 

If you are not familiar with The Princess Bride, what’s wrong with you?  Go watch it!

2.  When people bark, or as author Marshall Shelley would put it – Well Intentioned Dragons.

3.  North Korean Missile Launch – compare and contrast, President Obama’s response and Governor Sarah Palin’s response (Alaska is the state most likely to be effected by a potential North Korean nuke, and they have an Alaskan Army National Guard missile defense unit there to counter it).  Also Big Hollywood weighs in on Obama’s response, what do you think… Obama’s response feeble?

4.  President Obama evidently thinks Austrian is a language, um… German is the official language of Austria.  Can you imagine if President Bush or Governor Palin said such a thing?  Could have used the teleprompter here.  Here’s video of the press conference:

HT: Josh Painter

5.  The embryonic stem cell research debate is now dead.  (HT: RNCC)

6.  Want some link love?  Eleven ways to increase your chances of being linked to by a blogger.  All of these work with me, and I have seen some success with some of these before.  Then there is always R.S. McCain’s five rules for getting a million hits on your blog.  I can’t endorse #4 or #5 though, and I really wish he’d put #1 differently.

7.  Something I’ve already put into practice, but I’ll share with you.  Caffeine helps lessen post-workout soreness.  Lots of water helps as well.

8.  While my mind is on coffee.  This would be awesome!

HT: Indy Jane

9.  My disordered economy – what does biblical stewardship look like?

10.  Has our culture artificially extended childhood by becoming too overprotective of children?

11.  Great quote by Plato:

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."

HT: Leah

12.  My nephew Drew is autistic, and I was asked by my sister to blog on World Autism Day, but I blew it and missed it.  Sarah reminded me though that April is Autism Awareness Month.

13.  Extreme Shepherding

HT: Ellen Stevens

14.  What freedoms have we lost?

15.  A great reminder guys – loving leadership bears repeating.

16.  Which evangelism method is best?  Also a new online evangelism training, (HT: Andy).

17.  Sure classy of Obama to visit Normandy while in France, oh yeah… he didn’t.

18.  The importance of the Doctrine of the Trinity.

19.  Paid volunteers, sounds like an oxymoron right?  That’s because it is.

20.  Flutter – the new Twitter, by the way you can follow me on Twitter.  I know you are excited!

HT: Mike Demastus

Bonus: 21. Big Brother wants to control the internet.

  1. #2-
    My family teases a lot, if they like you; sometimes, that “bark” gets taken wrongly. (And sometimes, folks who are “in on it” get their feelings hurt if you refrain!)

  2. It seems for a lot of families it is the mark of acceptance. I know I have to be pretty comfortable with somebody before I tease them – that way I'll have an idea how they'll react.

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