1.  Banks who want to repay bail out money – Government says “wait a minute!

2.  Dr. Mike Adams, a professor in the University of North Carolina system responds to the recent disruption during former Congressman Tom Tancredo’s speech in Chapel Hill.  The tactics of the protestors have become increasingly asinine.

3.  The Thomas More Law Center is filing suit against Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano over the DHS “rightwing extremism report.”

4.  To go along with #3.

Ah yes, I don’t think I’ll put it in the sidebar though – too much over there already.  HT: Stop The ACLU

5.  Declining Ethics in Government – great post (HT: ConservaTeacher)

6.  Nope, gay marriage won’t affect us at all.

uniteforhungerandhope 7.  A new Bloggers Unite Event – Unite for Hunger & Hope – happens on April 29. (HT: Andy)

8.  Partisan tax evasion vs. simple protests.

9.  What about deliberate sin?

10.  Is church necessary?

11.  Forget Sham Wow!  Now presenting Soul Wow!

HT: Kansas Bob

12.  A rant on twitter.  Is it the telegraph of Narcissus?  (HT: Matt Proctor)

13.  Another nightmare coming our way, courtesy of liberals – The Dream Act.

14.  In Christ you are dead to sin.  I especially liked the chart included in the post.

15.  Behind the scenes of the CNN/Chicago Tea Party showdown.  You get to see what happens after CNN’s Susan Rosegen is done with her report propaganda. (HT: Conservatism for a Millennial)

16.  Some awesome bumper stickers.  My favorite below.


17.  The White House received over 2 million red envelopes.

18.  Avoiding a performance mentality when it comes to having quiet times.

19.  “Don’t Waste Your Life” by Lacrae has some seriously good phat lyrics (I’m such a nerd).  Seeing more quality coming out of Christian Hip Hop or “Holy Hip Hop.”

HT: 1517 – has a video of Lacrae being interviewed.

20.  Essence, Existence and the Dominance of Technology

Update: Thanks Joe and Chad for the linkage!

  1. When it comes to the graph in #14, it really points out what it is like to be truly reborn. It's not just by rote acceptance, but by the understanding of the problem and cause that is sin. When one truly understands what sin is and what it does and then can rectify and justify it through faith in Jesus. You can see that the one item of the reborn about being “able to not sin” is an achievable aspect. It is however not a goal, because that would entail the state of heart that leads one back to sin.

  2. Can you “justify” sin? We can be justified, but our sin can not.

    Regarding a state of heart that leads us back to sin… we are free not to sin when we are reborn, but that doesn't mean that we are capable to be without sin – that won't happen until we are with the Lord.

    Just not sure I'm tracking with you here.


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  3. Justified is probably my poor choice of words. My point was more along the lines that if you can define what is sin (and I am convinced that sin is easily defined), you're more likely to identify it before you act on it. It's kind of like saying “you're less likely to drink the water if you know that drinking the water will make you sick”.

  4. Shane, thanks for posting #19 Leacre, Flame, Tripp Lee, and many others on the Crossmovement Records and Reach Records and Lampmode Records are part of the new “Young Restless and Reformed” movement IMHO.

    In Regards to #20 A great book on the subject is written by the late Niel Postman “Technopoly : How Technology Transforms Culture”.

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